12 Mount & Blade 2 Mods You Can’t Live Without

Despite only having been out for a mere number of weeks, you can already modify Mount & Blade 2’s Early Access version in all sorts of fun ways thanks to the Nexus Mods community. So, naturally, we’ve gone ahead and created a shortlist of the 12 must-try mods so far.

Before we jump in, though, a quick disclaimer: Since TaleWorld’s has a big update in the works set to totally rebalance the game, we’ve avoided overhaul mods. Most of what you’ll find here are quality of life improvements and smaller-scale tweaks that we think benefit the overall experience in useful and/or interesting ways.

Further, it’s likely some of these mods are going to either cause you issues or not work at all if you’re attempting to play the game with the latest update beta. Do check the “Posts” section of each mod for the latest information on compatibility.

With all that in mind, let’s dive into our list of 15 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord mods you can’t live without.

Fast Dialog

Mount & Blade 2 Mods
Image credit: Dallen1393

The loading screens between Mount & Blade 2 conversations don’t take all that long, but they are numerous. The Fast Dialog cuts them out so you don’t have to jump through that extra hoop to get to the menu options. Essential.

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