8 Best AI Voice Generators in 2024

Content creation is easier than ever, thanks to the myriad of AI tools flooding the web. You can find a tool for every step of the process. But a key factor to churn out the best content is having the right narrator. AI has got you covered with that as well. Plenty of AI voice generators have been released recently, and they can read any text in human-like voices.

These AI voice generator tools allow you to choose from different voice models, accents, and even languages to sound more natural. They are easy to use and some are even available for free. So let’s look at the best AI text-to-voice generators that you can try for yourself.

1. Play.HT

To start with, we have Play.HT which creates high quality extremely life-like audio from your texts. Honestly, when I first tried it, I had a hard time believing it was AI-generated. The little nuances in the voice, the sound, and the pauses all sounded ultra-realistic. It lets users choose from different voice models. You can also select the speed, different emotions, stability, and intensity of the voice.

Play.HT AI online tool

The tool packs in over 900 voice models and 100 languages. But that is only in the base model which is not that convincing. The latest model only supports the English language. Its API is used by several big-name companies, and it can even be integrated into WordPress to read blogs.

The only shortfall I can see is that it has trouble pronouncing some words. Besides that, it is the best AI voice generator that you should take a look at.

Almost human-sounding voice generation Download generated audio in the free version
Supports more than 100 languages New voice models are limited to English
Integration with WordPress
Download generated audio in free version

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $31.20 per month
Platform: Web


If you are looking for a complete feature-rich tool then Lovo.AI should be on your radar. Its AI voice generator called Genny bundles a collection of over 500 different voice models. These models vary in categories, age, tone, and language. So you get a lot of room to play with your preferred voice model and even though not all of them sound convincing, there are a few voices that sound natural.

lovo.ai voice generator tool

Lovo also lets you adjust the pitch speed, and pronunciation of words, and you can add pauses and emphasis on certain words as well. I especially enjoyed that I can break down my text into sentences which makes it manageable to work with and I can choose different speakers to narrate different blocks of text.

Besides that, there is a full-fledged editing interface, with AI subtitles, a scriptwriter, and an image generator so you can get everything done in just one place.

Monthly plan is quite affordable Video editing tool faced issues when adding images
Large library of over 500 voice models Only a few voices support emphasis and pause options
Text blocks for multi-voice conversations
Pixabay royalty-free image library

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $4 per month (for 1 month, followed by $8/month)
Platform: Web

3. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs justifies having a lab in its title as it lets you experiment with its voice models. The tool is pretty barebones compared to others in this list. It features only 42 voice models and supports only 29 languages as of now. But it delivers in terms of quality as even without much customization, the models sound very human-like.

ElevenLabs AI voice generator and text to speech online tool

I’m impressed with how usable most of the voices are on ElevenLabs’ platform. But it won’t let you add nuances like a pause, emphasis, or even the pronunciation of words. Instead, you can adjust the stability and clarity of the voice to either get consistent results with a monotone voice or a natural voice with different outcomes.

You can even create a new voice using your own or mixing and matching others. Its focus on quality over quantity is why I like ElevenLab’s voice generator quite a lot.

Generated voices sound very human-like Can’t change pronunciation or add pauses
Different language models to choose from
Download generated voice in the free version
Simple interface that is easy to use

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $5 per month (get first month for $1)
Platform: Web

4. Listnr

If variety is what you are looking for then Listnr should be your pick. Listnr has one of the biggest databases with more than 900 voices, support for 140 plus languages, and accents of AI voices. However, I did find that the premium voices sounded better than the free ones which were monotone and robotic at times. The tool is pretty simple to use as well.

Listnr AI Voice generator tool

I enjoyed the audio created by this tool. You can also embed Listnr to your blogs as it works well with WordPress just like Play.HT so you can listen to articles like audio blogs. Like other AI voice generator tools here, it lets you add pauses in the middle of the sentences and edit word pronunciations.

But these tools are only available in the paid version. The free version is extremely barebones and won’t let you make any of those adjustments.

Download AI voices in WAV or MP3 formats The pricing model charges by words
Supports over 140 different languages Free voices sound robotic
Works well for articles, podcasts, and audiobooks Lack of voice customizations in the free version
Works well for articles, podcasts, and audiobooks

Price: Free, Paid plan starts at $19 per month
Platform: Web

5. Murf.AI

Murf.AI provides the right tools and a complete experience when it comes to AI voice generation tools. You can browse from hundreds of different voices varying in age, tone, and gender with 20+ different languages and accents. The generated audio was also quite decent from these voices as most of them didn’t have that robotic tone. But voices in other languages require more polishing.

Murf.AI Online Voice Generator

It breaks down the text into sentences for easier editing. You can change the pitch, speed, emotional state, and word pronunciation, add pauses, and emphasis to get the best output you are looking for.

This AI voice generator even lets you add a video and create a custom AI voiceover based on it, which didn’t work that well in my testing. However, I will say the AI-generated voiceovers were impressive, to say the least. I would suggest Murf.AI to those who enjoy tinkering with the audio to fine-tune it.

Good collection of realistic-sounding voice models Voices in different languages sound robotic
Adjust emotional state, pitch, and speed Limited voice models in the basic plan
Built-in Google Slides and Canva integration
Automatically creates voiceover for videos

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $23 per month
Platform: Web

6. Speechify

Speechify is a bit different from the other tools in this list. It is a text-to-speech accessibility app that helps people with vision issues, ADHD, and other reading problems. Listeners can choose from a variety of different voice models including celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Snoop Dog, and even Mr.Beast to read out any text document. It even lets you manage the pace at which the content is read out to you.

Speechify text to speech application

Since it is not aimed at creating realistic voice models, the narrators don’t sound that convincing but the AI still does a good job of handling pauses and pronunciations. There is support for different languages. I tried listening to a Hindi news headline, and the voice model did a good job of narrating it.

However, the tool misunderstood certain symbols as punctuations resulting in unintended pauses. The app is well-received on different platforms and is a must for people with vision issues, trying to learn a new language or prefer listening to blogs and articles.

Voice models of celebrities and influencers No options to tweak voice models
Adjust the words per minute reading speed Primarily focused on text-to-speech
Voice models sound adequately lifelike
Available on all major platforms

Price: Free, Paid plan starts from $24 per month (if you pick an annual plan)
Platform: Web, Chrome Extension, Mac, iOS Android

7. Voicemaker

You might confuse Voicemaker as a standard text-to-speech tool at first glance. But it is a pretty good AI voice generator that is great for beginners. Its neural TTS comes with a variety of voices that do a commendable job when it comes to generating realistic speech from text. Though slightly less convincing at times. You can filter between different languages, genders, emotions, and AI engines. The higher the engine, the better the results but they also tend to be more unstable.

Creating text to speech using AI in Voicemaker tool

Some voices can express different emotions while reading the text and you can adjust the volume, speed, and pitch beforehand. The UI is a bit lacking but I will have no issues recommending it to someone new to all this voice generation. Besides the premium voice models, the tool is free to use and lets you download audio files for free. Its monthly plan is also affordable costing the same as ElevenLabs. It can be a good starting point for many and is worth trying out.

Easy to use, great for beginners User interface is basic
Change emotions for certain voice models No option to generate multi-voice conversations
Affordable monthly plan
Download generated voices in the free version

Price: Free, Paid plan starts at $5 per month
Platform: Web

8. Synthesys

Coming to the last voice generator on the list, we have Synthesys. This is a multipurpose tool that not only has a voice generator but also text-to-video and image generation tools built in. But let’s focus on the voice part. It includes 350+ voice models that you can filter based on language, gender, voice age, mood, and type of content.

Creating AI voice using Synthesys AI tool

I have to say this tool takes the longest to process and generate voice among all of the above that I have tested. The models also don’t sound natural, it’s like they have trouble pronouncing words with multiple syllables. Certain voices can get the job done, though I think there is still room for improvement. I think Synthesys is best suited for those who want to experiment with AI voice-overs.

Adjust voice speed and pauses Voice generation takes longer than others
More than 350 voices to choose from The generated output does not sound natural
Filter voices by age, gender, mood, and content
Create multi-voice conversations

Price: Free, Paid plan starts at $41 per month (if you choose annual plan)
Platform: Web, Chrome Extension

This brings us to the end of this topic. As you can see, most of the tools that we discuss here achieve the same goal, and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Certain tools like Play.HT, ElevenLabs, and Murf.AI are better at their jobs, while Lovo.AI and Synthesys pack in more functions to cater to a larger set of users.

And remember, this technology is in its initial days, as of now, and will only improve in the future.