Adobe’s new AI Assistant will answer queries, summarise PDFs for you; currently in beta


Software major Adobe has unveiled a new AI Assistant for Reader and Acrobat, entering beta testing. This tool utilises generative artificial intelligence (AI) to provide summaries and answer questions via summarisation of PDF documents.

Here are more details about Adobe’s new AI chatbot.

How does the AI Assistant work?

The AI Assistant uses the AI and ML technology from Acrobat Liquid Mode, known for improving PDF readability on mobile devices. These specialised models help the AI Assistant better understand the structure and content of PDFs, ensuring more accurate and reliable results.

Adobe AI Assistant features

Here’s what users can expect from the AI Assistant, based on what the company has revealed:

  • AI Assistant: This feature suggests questions based on the content of the PDF and provides answers through a user-friendly conversational interface.
  • Generative summary: Users can quickly grasp the content of lengthy documents with concise overviews presented in easy-to-read formats.
  • Intelligent citations: Adobe’s attribution engine and proprietary AI collaborate to produce citations, aiding users in verifying the sources of AI Assistant responses.
  • Easy navigation: Clickable links facilitate swift access to relevant sections of lengthy documents, allowing users to focus on essential information.
  • Formatted output: Users can request AI Assistant to organize and format information into key takeaways, suitable for emails, presentations, reports, and more. A “copy” button simplifies sharing.
  • Data privacy: AI Assistant in Reader and Acrobat adheres to strict data security protocols, ensuring that no customer document content is stored or utilised for training without consent.
  • Beyond PDF: AI Assistant can assist with various document formats, including Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, and more.

Adobe AI Assistant availability

  • Adobe said that once AI Assistant exits beta, Reader and Acrobat customers will gain access to its full range of capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan.
  • During the beta phase, Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans on desktop and web platforms will have access to the AI Assistant features in English.
  • The features will gradually extend to Reader desktop customers in English over the next few weeks, with support for other languages to follow.
  • Enterprise customers can participate in a private beta to explore AI Assistant capabilities.

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