Alleged ‘Apple Ring’ in the works, could take on upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring


Apple is said to be making progress in developing a smart ring to rival Samsung’s forthcoming Smart Ring, as per a new report. This wearable gadget, designed to be worn on the finger, aims to track users’ health data. It is worth noting that several homegrown brands, including boAt and Noise, have already ventured into this space. Here are more details about the alleged Apple smart ring.

Apple Ring details surface online

  • As per a report by ETNews, Apple is speeding up the creation of the Apple Ring by filing patents related to smart rings.
  • In November of the previous year, a patent was submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the electronic system used in the smart ring.
  • This technology involves a short-range wireless communication circuit that can connect with other devices.
  • It is anticipated to be utilised for controlling smartphones and tablets.
  • An industry source noted that Apple has consistently filed patents related to smart rings for several years.
  • It indicates that advanced development for commercial use is likely on the horizon.

The Smart Ring is a new type of wearable gadget with internal sensors, an NFC controller, and the ability to measure heart rate, among other functions. It also allows for contactless payments. It’s gaining interest as a health-focused device that’s more comfortable for long-term wear than a smartwatch, while also capable of gathering detailed biometric data.

Samsung Galaxy Ring expected launch timeline

Samsung has hinted at the release of its smart ring but hasn’t disclosed the launch date yet. However, recent reports indicate that the Galaxy Ring is slated to debut at the ‘Unpacked’ event in the second half of July, where the company will also unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6.

According to a recent report, the upcoming smart ring will include ECG functionality and ‘blood flow measurement’. It’s speculated that the ring will support wireless payments and device control, and will be available in eight different sizes.

However, it’s notable that the details mentioned are based on speculations and rumours, and the precise details will be revealed once the company provides official information.

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