Apple One looks to be Apple’s single-subscription bundle for TV+, Music, Arcade, News+ and iCloud

Apple looks to be readying a bundle of services, potentially called Apple One and launching in October alongside the next-gen iPhone 12. The move has been long-rumoured and appears to be modelled on the highly successful Amazon Prime although it’s no great leap to see that.

The single-subscription package would join together Apple Music, iCloud, TV+, Arcade and News+ for those users who want it all – and it seems there will be various tiers.

The deal will be designed to encourage take-up of more services than you’re paying for right now. News+ in particular has been rumoured to not be doing that well, while Apple’s move to boost the effectiveness of News+ has met with some anger.

For example, you might have iCloud and TV+ but you might dump Spotify and move to Apple Music if you could get the three services under the same value deal.

According to Bloomberg’s source the three packages will have Apple Music and Apple TV+ – probably with some iCloud storage – while you can then bolt-on Arcade or/and News+ for extra fees.

Bloomberg also suggests Apple is developing a subscription for virtual fitness classes, too, although that’s the first rumour we’ve heard along those lines.

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