Arlo Pro 5 moves to a 12-bit sensor and here is why that

Arlo steps up the quality with its latest camera.

arlo pro 5


Arlo has announced the latest iteration of its smart security camera, the Arlo Pro 5. It follows on from the Arlo Pro 4, making a number of improvements, but importantly launches at the same price.

While many of the camera’s technical specifications remain – the core functionality is essentially the same – the camera uses a 12-bit sensor, rather than the 10-bit sensor of the previous model.

The key difference is that 12-bit supports many more colours – 68 billion – allowing the camera to capture a full-colour spectrum in all conditions, including at night. That should mean that when you look back at your video, you’ll have a much more realistic view of the scene.

Arlo says that this is over 100 times better than the human eye at capturing this rich colour and detail, but there’s a lot of tech crammed into Arlo’s cameras to make this happen. That includes the IR-based night vision, as well as having an LED illuminator which claims to be able to capture face details out to 7 metres.

Core functions like the built-in siren and the two-way audio mean you can capture sound or talk to whomever the camera has captured, all remotely. There’s also a 160-degree lens, so you’ll get a full view of the coverage area, as well as 12x digital zoom, so you can investigate details.

Arlo’s cameras are weatherproof and use batteries, with the promise here of 30 per cent better battery life with a low power mode to help endurance. It still offers 2K video capture, triggered by motion or sound, with control through the smartphone app, which will also be revamped with the Arlo Pro 5 for a better experience.

This new camera also offers greater connectivity options, with 2.4 and 5GHz options, while also supporting Arlo’s SmartHub. You’re free to run this as a standalone device connected to your home Wi-Fi, or if you’re adding it to an existing system with a hub, it will integrate perfectly too.

Arlo offers a range of smart functions, offering a full range of detection triggers, as well as recognition of things like people, animals and vehicles, but to get the most out of your camera – as well as access to videos stored in the cloud – you’ll need an Arlo Secure subscription. You can find out all about Arlo’s offering right here.

The Arlo Pro 5 appears to be the same as the Arlo Pro 5S that launched in the US in late 2022, but is now available across Arlo’s other regions, including the UK and Europe. It will be priced at £219.99 or €249.99 for a single camera, which is the same as the RRP of the Arlo Pro 4.