Best Apple iPad 10 screen protectors in 2023

The Apple iPad 10 has a delicate display. These excellent screen protectors will potentially help dodge some scratches and cracks.

A person using an iPad 10 with Apple's new magic keyboard accessory on a table in a coffee shop.
Apple iPads are great for illustration, reading, note-taking, watching series, and more. That’s because they generally have large displays, allowing them to become more immersive and functional. Though this is a double-edged sword, as the larger the screen is, the more likely you’re going to scratch or shatter it. If you plan to buy an iPad 10, we advise you to invest in a case and a screen protector to avoid as much damage as possible. To help you out, we’ve picked some of the best iPad 10 screen protectors currently available.

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    amFilm Glass Screen Protector

    Editor’s Choice

    The amFilm tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness rating to protect your iPad’s display from accidental drops and scuffs. It comes with a cutout for the front-facing camera, so you don’t have to worry about clarity with a screen protector. This one also comes with two screen protectors in a pack along with all the necessary tools required for installation.

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    Otterbox Alpha glass screen protector

    Premium Pick

    Otterbox is known for making tough protection for a variety of devices, and its Alpha screen protector for the iPad is no slouch. It’s a tough-tempered glass that offers shatterproof drop protection and rounded edges for comfort. The Otterbox Alpha offers good clarity with flawless touch response, so it’s perfect for those who use an Apple Pencil too.

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    Supershieldz Screen Protector

    Best Value

    This PET matte screen protector eliminates the incoming glare on the screen, so it’s perfect for those who find themselves using their devices in bright lighting conditions. The matte finish also gives a natural feel to the touch, while keeping the fingerprints at bay. You get two screen protectors in a pack, but there’s no alignment frame.

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    SuperGuardZ Privacy Screen Protector for iPad 10

    Privacy Pick

    If you’re surrounded by Peeping Toms, this screen protector not only will protect your display from scratches, but it’ll also shield you from prying eyes. The pack includes one privacy screen protector with a 9H hardness, cleaning wipes, and dust-removal paper. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t include an alignment frame or installation tool.

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    KCT Paperfeel screen protector

    Paperfeel Pick

    If you like sketching or taking handwritten notes on your iPad, then we recommend checking out the KCT Paperfeel screen protector. This particular PET screen protector for the iPad 10 enhances your Apple Pencil experience by making it feel like you’re writing on paper. It’s also hard enough to protect your iPad’s screen from scratches, and it also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating.

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    SPARIN screen protector for iPad 10

    Budget Friendly

    The SPARIN glass screen protector is one of the more affordable options for the iPad 10. You get two tempered glass screen protectors for just $10, which is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. Despite the affordable price tag, you still get tempered glass that’s only 0.33mm thick and comes with plasma oleophobic coating.

As our list reflects, there are plenty of different screen protectors for the Apple iPad 10 out there. So whether you’re looking for tempered glass or soft film, you likely will find excellent options that match your expectations and budget. That’s not to mention that some of these iPad 10 screen protectors serve more than one purpose, such as adding a privacy layer. Ultimately, all of the listed picks are great.

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