Create is now available in preview, and Microsoft wants it to be content creators’ one-stop editing place

Microsoft Create

Microsoft wants a one-stop creation place for its users, leading to the birth of Microsoft Create. Announced weeks ago, it is now a preview, giving you a collection of specific Microsoft apps, such as Designer, Clipchamp, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Forms.

Microsoft describes Create as “the ultimate creator launchpad for making whatever you need,” where individuals can create different kinds of content with “absolutely no design experience required.” The place highlights the availability of ready-to-use designed templates for invitations, presentations, and more, making the creation process more direct and quick. However, Create is not only meant for regular Word or PowerPoint documents. It also seems to be Microsoft’s new way to explore the world of modern content creation, which involves social media creators. With this, it’s no wonder why it also has a category for different social media platforms. And given that today’s generation is patronizing TikTok a lot, Microsoft didn’t deny that it also wants to use Create as a go-to editing place for TikTok users through Clipchamp.

Microsoft Create social media categories

“Make a fun TikTok video that gets all the views,” Microsoft’s Katharine Grant wrote in an Insider blog post. “From the top navigation bar, select Templates > TikTok and find a template you like. Use Clipchamp to add your own video clips, change the messaging, apply effects, and then share.”

Aside from TikTok, other categories you’ll see on Create are Instagram and Facebook. It also provides quick-tip videos and in-depth articles from content creators, with two of them titled “Content 101: Providing value” and “TikTok for beginners.”

Will Create get the attraction Microsoft is hoping for? It is too early to answer as it is only in its early stage and frankly offers a limited set of features. Aside from only being available in English for now, it might need to provide other advanced editing tools if it wants to compete efficiently with present social media apps already offering a rich roster of features.

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