How to find firearms ammo in Dying Light 2

Pointing the Harran Pistol at an enemy in Dying Light 2

After two years and a whole story about why there were no guns in Dying Light 2, the second anniversary update has brought them to Villedor at long, long last.

In keeping with the theme, it isn’t just a case of firearms magically appearing, even though everyone who logs on to the game before March 7, 2024, will get the Harran Pistol added to their stash. There’s a side mission, “Lost Armory,” to play through that not only introduces a new agent, but fills in the story on how they came to reappear.

One thing you don’t get right away is any ammo to fire from your collected firearms. It’s deliberately scarce, after all, Dying Light 2 is not a first-person shooter, and you’re living in the apocalypse. You have to scavenge for it, but don’t worry, there are a couple of easy ways you can find some ready to go in all guns blazing.

Clear out convoys to find ammo for all firearms types

Opening a convoy crate in Dying Light 2 containing firearm ammo
Clearing out a convoy and unlocking the crate should yield the rewards you seek.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

One of the most reliable sources of ammo so far seem to be the various convoys dotted about the map. Convoys have been solid sources of loot since the game first launched, and don’t require much effort to clear.

Once you’ve laid waste to the enemies surrounding the convoys, deploy your lock picking skills to the crate on the ground, and inside you should find some glorious ammo for your firearms. In the crates I’ve opened so far, I’ve found two different types, and it applied to evacuation and military convoys.

The great thing about this is that you can start building up a stash of ammo for weapons you don’t even have yet.

Searching defeated enemies

Scavenging shotgun ammo from a fallen Renegade in Dying Light 2
You won’t find a lot on enemies, but you might find something. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The other really easy way to find ammo is just to search enemies that you’ve defeated. This should be second nature to any Dying Light 2 player, after all, you want that sweet, sweet loot.

But as random as it may be, you can get ammo this way. Not a lot per enemy, but since it’s in fairly short supply, take what you can get. It means that next time you’re running about the streets, maybe slay a few more wandering enemies rather than sprint past them, the rewards could start to become fairly lucrative.

These are two really quick, simple ways to find ammo for your new firearms in Dying Light 2 right out of the gate. As I’ve had time to explore the Firearms update a little more, any further methods will be added to this guide.