How to log out of Netflix devices remotely

Sharing your Netflix account around has been a pretty common thing over the last half-decade, with many people logging into a host of devices to leave their friends and family with easy access to the streaming service.

At long last, though, Netflix is sadly starting to crack down on people sharing accounts, although even before this it’s been a little unnerving not having a list of all the places your account is logged in.

If you go on holiday and log into a smart TV, you might forget to log out afterwards and have a bit of an unknown factor there, for example.

Now, though, a new setting means that you can see all the devices that your account is logged into, and log yourself out of them individually. This means you don’t have to do a blanket log-out that could prove more annoying than it’s worth.

How to log your Netflix account out of a device remotely

The process is nice and simple.

First, head to the account settings page on any device.

From here, under the “Security and Privacy” section you’ll see a new option called “Manage Access and Devices“.

Tap or click on this to be taken to a list of all your devices.

It’ll have details of the device, the last time your account was used from it, and the location of that usage.

Next to each there’s a “Sign Out” button to let you remove it.

Tapping or clicking that button will log you out of that device, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your account is only yours again.

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