How to recover data from a broken Samsung

While the latest iterations of Samsung smartphones seem far more technologically advanced and durable, that’s not to say users still can’t encounter issues that cause a Samsung device to break.

For example, you may find that your Samsung phone doesn’t get past the Samsung logo screen, or you’ve accidentally locked your device due to incorrect password attempts. Alternatively, your Samsung may have encountered water damage meaning you can’t access the screen, or the screen has been smashed and therefore you can’t view any information on your device.

Whatever the reason for your broken Samsung, there are ways in which you can still recover your phone or at least the data from it.

Using Find My Mobile to recover data from broken Samsung

You can use the Find My Mobile service to remotely control your Samsung phone. For example, you can locate your device, lock it from afar, or wipe your device.

To use Find My Mobile, you’ll need to enable the remote control feature on your Samsung device:

  • Navigate to Apps on your Samsung phone.
  • Select Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile.
  • Toggle the switch to on.
  • Select the switches you want on: Remote unlock, Send last location, and Offline finding.

The option to toggle on/off may be greyed out. If this is the case, you’ll need to select Add account in order to create a Samsung account to use the feature.

Recover data from broken Samsung with the highest success rate

If you’re looking to recover data from a broken Samsung, DroidKit’s Data Extractor feature is one of the easiest tools out there.

  • Download and install Droidkit on your computer.
  • Launch the tool and select Data Extractor > From System Crashed Device.
  • Select the type of data you want to extract then press Start.
  • Put your Samsung device into Recovery mode then click Next.
  • Enter the PDA code in the box and select Download Firmware.
  • Select Scan Now to scan your device for data, then press Next to continue.
  • Once completed, you can view the data that’s been scanned and select To Device or To PC to download the data.

DroidKit’s Data Extractor feature can recover photos, text messages, contacts, and more from a broken Samsung device. All Samsung phones and tablets are supported, so no matter which device you’re using, you can be sure that you’ll be able to recover the data you need.

And, if you have a new Samsung device, you can transfer the recovered data from your old, broken Samsung to the new phone or tablet.

Data recovery you can trust

Using the DroidKit Data Extractor feature, you can recover data from any broken Samsung phone or tablet. Whether your device has been accidentally damaged, the screen has smashed, or you simply can’t access it due to a variety of reasons, you can be sure that DroidKit is on hand to save the day.

DroidKit is free to download, so if you’re stuck with a broken Samsung, you can start recovering your data straight away.

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