How To Remove Hat, Gloves, And The Backpack From Your Pokèmon Go Avatar

Do you ever think your Pokèmon Go avatar is over-dressed? When you customize the avatar, you can give it all the gear that Ash had when he set out on his journey. This means that in addition to the essentials, i.e. pants and a shirt, your avatar also wears a hat, gloves, and carries a backpack. You can of course customize these items and Niantic has items that you can buy for your avatar. If you’d rather just stick to the essentials the game lets you remove the hat, gloves, and backpack from your Pokèmon Go avatar. Here’s how.

Open the Pokèmon Go app and tap your avatar in the bottom left corner. On your avatar’s screen, tap the round button at the bottom right. Select ‘Style’ from the menu that appears.

When you enter the customization mode for your avatar you will see a bar across the bottom. Swipe through it and tap the clothing items you want to customize. The hat is the very first one. Tap and swipe left to get to the very end of the available options. At the end is a hat that’s crossed out; tap it and then tap the ‘Choose’ button to apply the change.

Repeat for the gloves and the backpack. You can disable a few other items too like the necklace. Needless to say you can’t remove pants and a top without selecting an alternative.

These options have been around for while, at least since Niantic added more customization options for the avatar. I’m not sure if they were there on day one. This is of course a cosmetic change and has no bearing whatsoever on the game itself. That said, Niantic is making money off of customizing the avatar which means players enjoy tweaking it. Remove the hat, gloves, and the backpack and you’ve got what they call the ‘minimal’ look. Fun fact; you can go bare foot by removing the shoes.