How to use Bedtime Mode on the Google Pixel Watch

Google finally burst onto the smartwatch scene when it released the Pixel Watch, making the most of its Fitbit purchase into the bargain.

If you’re a new or prospective owner of Google’s smartwatch, you might be curious about how to use it while you sleep.

After all, sleep tracking is a really handy way to get some more information about how you’re doing on the fitness and health front.

The Pixel Watch has something called Bedtime Mode which is exactly aimed at this, so here’s how to use it.

How to use Bedtime Mode on Google Pixel Watch

Bedtime Mode is a sleep mode that will silence all notification alerts other than your alarms or any repeat calls, giving you the chance to sleep without any unnecessary interruptions.

The screen on your watch will stay off, too, to further help you relax into sleep. Here’s how to activate the mode:

  1. First, swipe up from the bottom of your home screen
  2. On the quick settings menu, find the moon and stars icon and tap it
  3. Tap “Ok” under the confirmation message to turn it on.

How to turn off Bedtime Mode on Google Pixel Watch

If you’ve woken up early or changed your mind about going to sleep, turning off Bedtime Mode is equally simple

Wake your watch using the digital crown then follow the exact same steps as above to turn it off.

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