Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro brings premium sapphire and titanium build at an affordable price

Huawei has added yet another smartwatch to its Watch GT portfolio, and this boasts some mouthwatering details, with a material list that looks like it came straight out of a Swiss watch catalogue.

The latest model is called the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, and features a case made from titanium that’s capped off with a sapphire crystal lens and a ceramic underside.

Combined, that means this is one of Huawei’s most durable watches to date, with glass that won’t scratch easily and a case that’s lightweight and robust.

It comes in two versions: Classic and Sport. The former ships with a leather strap (with an additional rubber strap for when you want to go workout), while the latter ships with just the rubber/elastomer band.

The underside of the watch has been completely redesigned, offering that glossy, attractive ceramic surface and removing the physical contact points for charging. Instead, the latest Watch GT supports proper wireless charging via a magnetic cradle (or you can charge it off your phone if it has reverse wireless charging).

That’s not the only reason for the redesign. Just like we’ve seen from Samsung and Apple in recent years, heart rate monitoring hardware has improved drastically in terms of performance and aesthetics here too.

In this particular instance, Huawei calls its heart rate monitoring hardware TruSeen, and this version is TruSeen 4.0+, and adds more powerful LEDs, more power-efficient sensors and more accurate readings. It also reads your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

In combination with some machine learning, the Huawei watch can now keep up with your heart rate through the day and give you better all-day data, as well as more accurate metrics for when you’re working out.

One of the GT 2e’s biggest selling points, when it launched, was the plethora of sports tracking modes available and with the GT 2 Pro that’s continued.

It can track more than 100 different activities, but some of those more fringe sports have had the tracking data vastly improved. For instance, there’s a more in-depth skiing metrics for downhill and cross country skiers and snowboarders.

Golfers get a new driving range mode which can show your swing speed/tempo as well as backswing and downswing data to help improve your form.

If you head out for a run outside – whether trail running or road running – or if you go on any walk, hike or bike ride outside there’s also a new offline navigator that can help you find a route back to your starting point, which is great if you happen to get a bit lost.

It has a fully round OLED display as with previous models, and – of course, being a Watch GT – the battery life is immense. You’ll get up to 30 hours of constant GPS tracking use, or around 14 days of average daily smartwatch use from a fully charged battery.

The Watch GT 2 Pro will be available to buy this month, with prices set at €329 and €349 in Europe for the Sport and Classic models, respectively.

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