Kajabi Review: A One-Stop-Shop Platform to Build a Successful Online Business in 2020


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So you’ve finally decided to start creating online courses so you can share your passion with the world — and make money at the same time. At this point, you’re probably just looking for the best platform to house your online business.

While there are several website platforms for selling courses and memberships, we’re going to look at one of the most (if not the most) reliable and value-packed one, Kajabi.

Based on what we’ve seen, Kajabi isn’t your everyday online teaching platform. It offers a set of comprehensive digital marketing features that not many platforms provide sufficiently. The platform’s myriad of modern features makes your website ultra-efficient, attractive, and conducive for educating and earning.

That said, in this post, we’ll go through some of the features that make Kajabi your best bet for a one-stop-shop platform upon which to build a successful information product business this year.

Website Design Customization

Kajabi gives you full control over designing a visually appealing and high-converting website for your courses.

It offers several professional-looking website themes that you can customize to fit your brand images, such as marquees, header and footer text, font sizes, colors, measurements, language, and many more.

It allows you to optimize your website for the search engines by adding SEO-friendly meta-descriptions, URLs, and titles.

With these advantages, not only will you have an attractive-looking site, but you’d also be equipped with the tools and features to make it rank high in the search results, so your audience can find you through the search engines.

Course Creation

Kajabi also gives you free rein in the many details involved in developing your online courses.

It lets you freely add, remove, resequence, and edit the content of your lessons, as well as the marketing and sales elements, such as the price and bundles your course may belong in.

Kajabi even enables you to automate actions/tasks related to managing your courses.

For example, once your subscribers are done with a video/course, you can setup Kajabi so they can receive a personalized thank-you email, be able to access exclusive infographics, register for a timely event, or enroll in your next course product.

Whatever it is, you can set up the workflow, and Kajabi automatically implements them once the conditions are met.

Here’s how it looks:

With Kajabi’s automation features, you can run your courses painlessly and efficiently.


Pipelines are among the more distinctive features Kajabi offers, and its competitors don’t, to help you market your courses more effectively. With this feature, you can build your funnels and gain a more concrete picture of your customer journey from marketing to sales.

After all, if you want to sell your courses, you have to keep promotion in mind, along with producing value-packed content.

That said, Kajabi offers an array of prebuilt pipeline templates called “blueprints” to suit different marketing purposes such as product launch, freebie offers, coaching campaign, sales page, and many others.

Here’s what a sample pipeline looks like:

Kajabi allows you to set up triggers that automate and customize every stage and aspect of your pipelines, spanning emails, videos, content pages, landing pages and sales conversions. For instance, to automate a product launch, you’d want to create an email message and landing page, insert video files, and customize your checkout, and you’re good to go.

With pipelines, you can streamline your marketing and boost your efficiency, giving you more time to attend to student interaction, adjusting your lessons, and other business-critical matters.

Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are a crucial element in your knowledge commerce business.

Done right, they can entice and convince your visitors to take action on your offer and convert them into subscribers and then customers, channeling them seamlessly through your sales funnel and their buyer journey.

Fortunately, Kajabi has an excellent page builder to help you with that. To create your landing page, go to Website > Pages and click + New Page at the top right.

The next screen you see provides a plethora of themes and templates to choose from. Select one, name it, and customize it as you please. Here’s how some of the editor’s settings look:

Then, by clicking Details at the bottom left, you will discover backend information and options, as you can see below:

Kajabi lets you modify your landing page URL, optimize the page for search engines and social media sharing, and more.

Mobile App

One of the latest additions to Kajabi’s features is its mobile app.

With this simple, smartphone-native solution, your students can now access your community, courses, lessons, and files more conveniently from their smartphones – anytime and anywhere. That allows them to learn productively while waiting for their train to arrive or doing some household chores.

The app sends them updates on new offers, blog posts or lessons, and other exciting topics more quickly. Kajabi’s app also helps keep your students in a closer community with you and other enrollees. They can receive push notifications and post comments and questions.

With this feature, managing your online courses and interacting with your students becomes a seamless digital learning experience that is valuable for both parties.

Business Analytics

Finally, Kajabi can show you crucial business data and analytics right from your dashboard. You can access that by going to the Website > Analytics section.

Kajabi reveals to you the performance summary at the top: the number of product purchases, and your net revenue, according to the timeframe of your choosing.

Below that, you will find detailed, graphical, and period-specific reports about your net revenue and subscription metrics, which deals with revenue per user, recurring revenue, and churn rate.

If you want to know how your landing pages are doing, you can view reports about form and landing page submissions, as well as the breakdown of your most frequented landing pages.

You can even view all your sales offers for a specific period, and the product or offer purchases and commissions attributed to your affiliates. With a wealth of this type of information using Kajabi analytics, you can obtain insight on how to improve your strategies, make better-informed decisions, and manage your resources for maximum profitability.

Kajabi has what you need in one place.

Kajabi understands how valuable marketing and selling your online courses can be, which is why it provides the essential tools for your business in one place. These tools reinforce your knowledge sharing and sales and marketing game plans so you can achieve your goals.

Kajabi also has advanced features that allow you to keep up with emerging trends and make your site a cut above the rest. These are the main reasons why we’ve selected Kajabi as the best one-stop-shop platform for your information product business to succeed in 2020.