Leaked The Sims 5 images go viral as expectations reach overdrive

The Sims is already a hugely popular franchise and it looks like EA has another hit on its hands if leaked screenshots of the next game are real.

There have been no official announcements of when we can expect EA to make The Sims 5 available, but it’s thought that playtesting has been underway for a few weeks now – and EA itself teased it last month. As if to prove the point, new screenshots have leaked of what is claimed to be The Sims 5. And they look stunning.

The images don’t show us anything in particular, other than a few internal and external areas. But what’s particularly notable is the sheer level of detail that appears to have gone into the design. The internal shots show rooms that go far beyond what players are used to, while external shots just make us wish EA would give us a new Sim City. They look really good, especially considering these images were taken by pointing a camera at a PC monitor. Imagine how great they’d look if they were actual screenshots.

Perhaps predictably, the person who leaked the images on Reddit has already deleted their account, but they’d already set tongues wagging. The post itself went viral, and people are now even more hyped than ever for a game that is sure to sell like crazy.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen soon. It’s been suggested that The Sims 5 is still some way off being ready for us to play with a 2024 release thought to be in the cards.

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