Leica’s latest phone is all about its massive camera, but good luck finding one

leica leitz phone 2 image 1

Credit: Softbank

  • Leica has announced its second smartphone.
  • The Leitz Phone 2 packs a 47.2MP 1-inch camera, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, and a 240Hz display.
  • Pricing starts at ~$1,580, but availability is limited.

Leica currently lends its logo to the Xiaomi 12S series, but before this, the company revealed a phone of its own. This week, it unveiled a follow-up in the form of the Leica Leitz Phone 2 (h/t GSMArena).

Like its predecessor, the Leitz Phone 2 is based on the Sharp Aquos platform with a slightly redesigned body. It packs sharp corners and ridged edges. A predominantly white colorway makes the red Leica logo really stand out, too. Above that logo sits a dominating camera hump housing a 47.2MP 1-inch sensor fronted by an f/1.9 aperture 19mm lens. There’s also a 1.9MP portrait sensor accompanying it. The Leitz Phone 2’s camera housing includes a metal lens cap for both style and protection.

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