LG adds Apple TV, Apple Music, other Apple features to webOS TVs

LG is adding a ton of Apple features to its webOS televisions.

LG webOS TV running Apple TV app with people watching


LG has announced that it has added a number of Apple apps and features to its range of webOS televisions across more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

The LG announcement means that owners of a raft of televisions will have access to Apple content and smart home features for the first time, all without rushing out to buy a new television in the process.

LG made the announcement via press release, saying that it is adding the Apple TV and Apple Music apps as well as AirPlay and HomeKit support. The features are coming to the webOS Hub ecosystem, although AirPlay and HomeKit will only be offered on OLED TVs and UHD TVs that have webOS Hub 2.0 installed according to LG.

By adding the Apple TV app users will be able to watch Apple TV+ content as well as TV shows and movies that they buy and rent from iTunes. They’ll also have access to Apple TV channels that bring content from supported providers under the Apple TV banner.

Apple Music subscribers will be able to listen to their songs, including 30,000 curated playlists, right from their TV without having to use any other apps. They’ll also be able to enjoy 4K music videos on the big screen too.

AirPlay support will give webOS TV owners a way to wirelessly stream audio and video from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac while HomeKit support will add the TV itself to the Home app on those same devices. HomeKit support will also allow the TVs to be controlled using nothing more than a person’s voice thanks to Siri support on Apple devices including the new 2nd-generation HomePod.

LG has also confirmed that these features will be available to owners of some TVs from more than 200 partners including Seiki, Eko, Stream System, Konka, Aiwa, and Hyundai.

In terms of the Apple TV app and Apple Music app, people should find them both in the webOS Hub starting right now.