LG’s flexible display tech is made from contact lens material

LG Display has announced a different type of stretchable display technology that is based on the same material that contact lenses are made from.

The new technology would theoretically allow companies to put displays onto almost any surface, with LG Display pointing to use in fashion, mobility, and gaming.

LG Display is the display manufacturing arm of LG and it reckons that it will be able to get this new stretchable technology to market by 2024. In its current ste, it’s made up of a 100ppi screen that starts at 12 inches and stretches to around 14 inches, although we can expect sizes to increase as development progresses.

Because it’s based on the same material as soft contact lenses, the display can be rolled and twisted, making it perfect for use in scenarios where other foldable display technology might be problematic. Inside, it’s made up of micro-LEDs that are just 40 micrometers or smaller, something else that will likely change over time to allow for a better pixel density.

Quite where this technology will end up, we’ll have to wait and see. It could absolutely be used to put ads where they wouldn’t otherwise fit, but more interesting uses include putting them on the sides of cars, for example. We could also see the same technology used in foldable phones and tablets if deemed to be superior to the materials used today. We’ll likely need that pixel density to increase for that, though.

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