Meta’s WhatsApp working on new ways to capture photos and videos

Meta is currently working on a plethora of new features for its instant chat messenger WhatsApp. The social media giant’s latest effort includes improving how users capture photos and videos on the chat messenger, among others. The said improvement is currently in the development stage and is unavailable to users.

If you are using WhatsApp, you would know that a tap on the circle captures a photo, while ‘tap and hold’ starts recording a video. While WhatsApp mentions this instruction every time users intend to send a photo or video from the app, many people get confused when they use the feature for the first time. This is why Meta is developing a solution that provides two different modes for capturing photos and videos from the app.

While you are in Photo mode, you will need to tap on the circle to capture photos and send them to your contacts. On the other hand, a Video mode will now mean a tap will start recording video: you will no longer have to use ‘tap and hold’ to record video footage. You will be able to switch between these two modes at your convenience.

WABetainfo has spotted the Camera and Video modes on WhatsApp Android and iOS apps. However, these are currently in the development stage, meaning no one can use them right now. It is now clear when Meta will officially announce the improvement, but it is possible that WhatsApp beta users will get it before anyone else. Since testing of two new modes first began for the WhatsApp Android app, they might also follow the same order when debuting for the general public: they might be seen on Google’s mobile OS first, followed by iOS.

Camera and Photos modes in WhatsApp
Image: WABetainfo

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