Microsoft lists a bunch of unannounced Intel 13th Gen CPUs

The long-awaited launch of the Intel 13th Gen CPUs is now behind us, but the initial product family was far from everything we’re going to see. Initially launching only unlocked, higher-end 13th Gen CPUs like the Core i9-13900K, we’ve always expected that the family would be padded out by other variants and some entry-level products.

Microsoft has become the latest, after Gigabyte previously, to reveal a list of names for as-yet-unannounced Intel 13th Gen CPUs (via VideoCardz). And as expected it reveals a bunch of non-K CPUs, F variants, T variants and the Intel Core i3 at the entry. It comes from a support page listing supported Intel CPUs for Windows 11 22H2. The ones we know of are also on there (naturally) but here’s what else snuck in that we haven’t yet seen from Intel:

  • Core i3-13100
  • Core i3-13100F
  • Core i3-13100T
  • Core i5-13400
  • Core i5-13400F
  • Core i5-13400T
  • Core i5-13600
  • Core i5-13600T
  • Core i7-13700
  • Core i5-13700F
  • Core i7-13700T
  • Core i9-13900
  • Core i9-13900F
  • Core i9-13900T

Once again, we know absolutely nothing about any of these CPUs since Intel hasn’t yet revealed them. None of these are particularly surprising, either. Launching locked versions of its CPUs is something Intel is known for doing, and the F versions will presumably be the same as their non-F counterpart but without the integrated graphics. And as such a lower price. We’d also expect the T variants to follow their predecessors in being toned-down versions of the regular CPU with a lower base and boost clock and a lower TDP.

It makes sense that Intel is leading with its most exciting CPUs, since enthusiasts and system builders will gravitate toward them. Some of those listed here will probably be for sale individually, but you’re most likely to find them in pre-builts. With CES looming in early 2023, we’d expect to start seeing announcements in the not-too-distant future.

Source: Microsoft