Microsoft Removes Classic System Properties Dialog from Windows 10

The System Properties page, first introduced in Windows VIsta, is an applet of the classic Control Panel that displays brief system information about your computer. It is the next target to be killed in favor of the Settings app in Windows 10.

Windows 10 System Properties Dialog

The applet is available in all Windows 10 builds as of this writing. However, Windows 10 build 19587 is the first Insider Preview release that includes a new hidden option to disable the applet.

Windows 10 Insider Preview releases include a set of “hidden” features which are not accessible to regular users. Usually, the OS includes features that are not finished or can cause some unexpected behavior. A free open source tool, Mach2, developed by Rafael Rivera, allows unblocking them.

According to Rafael Rivera, the commands mach2 enable 25175482 and mach2 disable 25175482 control the feature state, i.e. block and unblock the classic applet. However, in build 19587 they actually do nothing yet. It is still a work-in-progress of killing the entire classic Control Panel in Windows 10.