Microsoft Trust Center helps you manage Security, Privacy, & Compliance


The redesigned and upgraded Microsoft Trust Center website now looks like a treasure trove of security information. This time it seems Microsoft has attempted to give more importance to the cloud, which means that website would actively address the security apprehensions which many users have. Let’s see how the new features and resources in the Microsoft’s Trust Center can help users manage Security, Privacy, & Compliance.

Microsoft Trust Center

Microsoft Trust Center

Microsoft Trust Center is now totally designed to provide support and resources. The information from this new fully equipped website can be used by professionals, legal and compliance community.

The Trust Center is a point of interest for any user who is actually concerned about security in general and also for those who want to know how Microsoft is complying with the laws across the globe. The website is basically a learning point for Microsoft security and compliance practices and provides the users with targeted information based on their role in their organization. Apart from making things easier, the information on this website is wider. The Microsoft Trust Centre features the following:

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation Guidance
  • Audit Reports
  • Security Assessments
  • Targeted Information Based On Roles
  • New Content On Various Topics
  • And Much More

Explore the new features and resources of Microsoft Trust Centre

According to the company, the changes to the Microsoft Trust Center include:

  1. Access through active or trial subscription

Customers can access to protected content through an active or trial subscription to any one of the Microsoft’s business cloud services.

  1. Information details on Trust Centre

Through the Service Trust Platform, which is integrated into the Trust Center pages the customers can view the below information-

  • SOC and ISO 27001 audit reports
  • Certifications
  • Product security assessments
  1. GDPR homepage

The GDPR homepage serves as the company’s main resource. The customers who are on the road to GDPR compliance, this page includes guides to how some of their existing products and services, like Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365 can help in giving the solutions needed to tackle each step of the GDPR compliance.

  1. Role specific information

The Microsoft Trust Centre gives the users information and guidance which is specific to their key organizational roles. This includes-

  • Business managers
  • Tenant admins or data security teams
  • Risk assessment and privacy officers
  • Legal compliance teams
  1. New content areas

The new content areas in the Microsoft Trust Center include resources for accessibility compliance, industry-focused pages on finance, health, cyber crime, and media.

Microsoft Trust Center is the modern way of placing more importance on the cloud than ever before. Know more about Microsoft Trust Centre on its website.