Moft’s Slick Phone Kickstand Now Comes in MagSafe Form for the iPhone 12

Moft X phone stand with Magsafe

We’re big fans of Moft around here: their slim, foldable kickstands and laptop stands are elegant and functional. The company’s releasing a new version of its combination kickstand-wallet for the iPhone 12, complete with its snap-on MagSafe attachment system. The new designs are live on the Moft site, but aren’t available for order yet.

This version of the kickstand has a couple of advantages over the old one. Obviously it can come off without needing to worry about the adhesive, but this means that it can also work in landscape mode by turning the stand around. Its magnets are double-sided, allowing the phone to stick to ferrous metallic surfaces like a fridge door. And despite being just 4mm thin, it include space for two or three credit cards.

Moft isn’t saying how much the MagSafe version of the kickstand will cost, but the current Moft X Phone Stand costs $20, so I’d be surprised to see this one go for over $30. You can sign up on the site to be notified of when the stand is available.

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