Netflix introduces a new feature to remove unwanted users from using your account

Netflix has added a feature to its app that will allow users to remove unwanted users from their accounts, ahead of an expected crackdown on password sharing. As per the company blogpost, “Today, we’re launching Managing Access and Devices, a new feature in Account Settings that allows you to easily view recent devices that have streamed from your account and to log out of specific devices with just one click.”

Netflix introduces a new feature to remove unwanted users

A Netflix account is usually shared among a group of friends or family in order to save money collectively. In the Manage Access and Devices menu, users can see when, where, and from which device Netflix members logged into their accounts. Users can also log out of the account remotely from each item by clicking the Sign Out button.

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Image: Netflix

The feature is useful if the password for the account is kept secret and is not actively spread by others. This feature can also come in handy if you forget to log out from your account on the smart TV while checking out from the hotel.

Netflix confirms that this feature is now available to all members around the world on the web, iOS and Android.

The addition arrives at a time when Netflix is trying to fix its subscriber growth problem. It will be an important feature since Netflix will soon start charging users for sharing passwords with others.

As part of the effort, the streaming platform seeks to crack down on password sharing, and has begun implementing features to make it easier for users to go to their own account instead of using someone else’s, said the report.

This includes “transfer profile to a new account” for viewing history and personal information, as well as maintaining a new cheaper ad-supported tier.

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