Netflix is adding Nike workouts for fitness at home

Netflix has announced that on 30 December it’ll be adding a range of Nike Training Club workouts to its catalogue, letting users access workouts on whatever device they like.

The workouts won’t entail any additional charges, and will work on your TV, something that was previously only open to Nike Training Club users if they cast their phone or tablet screen to a bigger screen.

There will apparently be over 30 hours of video in total, released in two sections. The first, arriving on 30 December, will total 46 videos including a few series to help you get to grips with new workouts and techniques.

This seems like a win-win – users get a new range of workout videos to follow that are really professional, while Nike gets a new shop-window in which to advertise its fitness plans.

Netflix, meanwhile, could see this as a big first step toward making fitness a major part of its offering, since more and more people are now opting to work out in front of a guide on their TV where possible.

Right now it isn’t super clear when the second batch of videos will launch, but Nike says there will be 90 workouts in total by the end, so you’d assume this is the first half, with more seemingly coming “throughout 2023”.

Until the workouts arrive, though, you’ll have no choice but to keep watching TV and movies on Netflix – check out what we think the top shows to binge right now are.

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