Pay what you want for these 12 great Mac apps

Software can get expensive, and if you do a lot of different things on your Mac you may find yourself spending a lot of money on various apps to get those tasks done. Sometimes the cost prevents you from purchasing the app and forces you to find another way to accomplish the task, right? Well, don’t let that happen again, and don’t miss out on this bundle that will score you 12 great apps for the cost of one.

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That’s right with the 2017 Superstar Mac bundle you can pay one price and unlock 12 great Mac apps. All you need to do is beat the average selling price for the apps, and then they are all yours. If you want to name your own price, you can pay whatever you wish and pick up just a few of them instead.

All the titles include:

  • Passenger Pro – $119 Value
  • Wilde – $39.99 Value
  • LaunchBar 6 – $29 Value
  • Super Vectorizer 2 – $29.99 Value
  • Commander One PRO Pack – $29.99 Value
  • Stock + Pro 3 – $29.99 Value
  • Archiver 3 – $19.99 Value
  • Renamer 5 – $19.99 Value
  • Look Up – $2.99 Value
  • Unclutter for Mac – $5.99 Value
  • NotePlan – $19.99 Value
  • Mac Screen Recorder – $39.95 Value

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To get all of the apps all you have to do is beat the average price. Right now it is under $20 for all 12 of these, though that will increase as more people participate in the offer. Purchasing all of these on their own would set you back just under $400, so paying less than $20 would be quite a steal for these 12 apps. If you don’t want to beat the average, you can pay what you want and pick up a few of them for less.