Play With Baby Yoda in Google’s ‘Mandalorian’ Easter Egg

Grogu Google Search easter egg

To help celebrate the release of The Mandalorian season 3, Google added a fun little Easter egg to its search engine. Doing a quick Google search on your phone or computer will let you play with Grogu and watch him use the Force.

First, for those unaware, an Easter egg is typically a message, image, or video hiding in a game or software, similar to a Google search result. We’ve seen Google do similar things for The Last of Us, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and others. Now, it’s baby Yoda’s turn.

And yes, we know Grugu is the name, but the cute little thing’s informal name is still Baby Yoda in my book. Moving on.

Do a quick Google search for “The Mandalorian” and peek at the bottom right of your screen. You may need to scroll down slowly for Grogu to appear on mobile. The little creature is just chillin’ out on your screen, looking all cute.

Tap on Grogu, and he’ll start to use the Force on Google’s search results, pulling each one down as it crashes to the bottom of your screen. With each tap on Grogu, you’ll watch the Wikipedia listing, top stories, cast list, and any other results drag away.

Depending on your search results, Grogu takes out the “People also ask” box, popular Mandalorian tweets, videos, and more. Unfortunately, that’s where the fun stops, as we can’t do much else with the little creature.

As a reminder, the new third season of The Mandalorian just kicked off, with a new episode available each week on Disney+. Additionally, you can stream the first two seasons with the same app and get caught up if you haven’t seen it yet. Grab Disney+ from the link below.

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