PlayStation Plus February 2017: these are the free games you can get this month

One of the biggest perks of being a PlayStation Plus subscriber is that each month you’re given a range of free games across the PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, and PS Vita platforms.

This is a great way to try games you might not otherwise have played, whether because they’re indie titles that slip under your radar or simply because you don’t have the funds to buy several games a month.

Even if you don’t plan to play them straight away, or you’re not sure if they’re your kind of game, we’d say it’s always worth claiming them while you can get them for free.

You’ll then have access to them for as long as you have an active PS Plus account.

Since this is a monthly event, we’ve decided to create a one-stop shop where you’ll be able to find the newest free games, as well as scroll back and see which games were featured in previous months. That way you’ll know whether it’s worth holding out for a game to appear in an upcoming PlayStation Plus haul or if it’s already been offered.

So without further ado, here are the free PlayStation Plus games in North America, Europe, and Australia for February 2017, which will be available to download from February 7 until the end of the month.

February 2017

LittleBigPlanet 3 – PS4 (usually £15.99/ $19.99/ AU $29.95)

Sackboy is back! Only this time, he’s brought some friends along for his latest adventure. Not interested in pre-made levels? Then why not create your own?

Not a Hero – PS4 (usually £9.99/ $12.99/ AU $19.45)

From the makers of OlliOlli comes Not a Hero, a pixelated shooter that has you violently dispatching members of the criminal underworld. Think of it like a side-scrolling Hotline Miami.

Starwhal – PS3 / cross buy with PS4 (usually £9.49/ $11.99/ AU $17.95)

A hilarious couch-multiplayer classic, the retro-styled Starwhal lets you and your friends partake in an epic Narwhal battle in space. Use your huge tusk to barge into your opponents – that is, if the game’s deliberately wonky controls will let you!

Anna Extended Edition – PS3 (usually £7.99/ $9.99/ AU $14.95)

A psychological horror game set in a sawmill in the Italian hills, you must gather clues and solve a number puzzles in order to unlock the main character’s dark past.

Ninja Senki DX – PS Vita / cross buy with PS4 (usually £4.99/ $4.99/ AU $8.95)

A retro NES-style game in the vein of Mega Man, Ninja Senki DX has you running, jumping and shooting your way through a number of ninja-themed levels in order to complete lead character Hayate’s quest for revenge.

TorqueL – PS Vita / cross buy with PS4 (usually £8.99/ $9.99/ AU $16.45)

Navigate your way through 50 chambers in this indie physics-based puzzler that see’s you travel around inside a square with different colors on each side.

Until February 7 rolls around you can still pick up the free games from January, so don’t miss your opportunity if you haven’t got them already!

January 2017

Now, go forth and play! And if you haven’t signed up for a PlayStation Plus subscription don’t miss the deals that are on right now.

To make it easy to keep track of what titles are coming up, we’ve rounded up the last few months of PlayStation Plus titles as well as current prices on the PlayStation Store.

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