Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing Is The Latest Smartphone Problem

Some Galaxy Note 8 users have reported that their handsets are having issues with freezing when performing tasks that have to do with the contacts app.

Users have been discussing the issue within a Samsung forum. It appears to be affecting several models of the Galaxy Note 8, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon models, as well as unlocked European and dual-SIM models.

In addition to devices becoming unresponsive when users attempt to open the Contacts application, users have found issues with the following functionalities, apps, and programs.

Using speed dial

Making calls from the recent calls list and contacts

Tapping on contacts in the Phone app

Tapping on contacts in the Messages app

Loading an Excel spreadsheet from an email

Opening contacts

Using the contacts list

Using Pokémon GO, Chrome, and the Google app

Tapping a contact in the Messages and Contacts apps

Charging overnight

Opening the Phone app

Opening an individual contact in the Contacts app

Opening Contacts while texting

While making a phone call

Samsung has not yet commented on the issue and users have not found any solution for reversing the freezing problem outside of a hard reboot or allowing the device to die after its battery has drained, according to Android Police.

Android Authority noted that Galaxy Note 8 owners can contact Samsung support in their area to get assistance with their device. Owners in the U.S. can contact 1-800-726-7864, while international owners can get for information from Samsung’s market specific websites.