Sending and Sharing Files Up to 20 GB with MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is another decent online file sharing tool that lets you send and share files up to a whopping 20 GB with a bunch of cool and useful features. Thanks to one of our readers who mentioned its name in the post introducing Firefox Send. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know there is such an awesome service existing out there. It works so well that it sure makes to the list of free online file sharing tools.

MyAirBridge has a very nicely designed user interface with simple, mimic icons directing you along the way. Like most of other services, you have two ways to send and share files. You can Send Data Using Link and share that link with other parties to download. You can also Send Data Using Email that lets you upload files and share the link within one step.

I would recommend using Send Data Using Email if the email is the sharing method you will be using. Not only does it save you a step during the process but the email it sent is also very well formatted with all the details already included.

Unlike other services, MyAirBridge has two features that make itself stand out.

  • The max single transfer size can be up to 20 GB. It can be one file or a group of files.
  • The package will be expired and self-destructed in 3 days. If the files are over 2 GB, they will be expired in 2 days instead.

On top of that, according to their FAQ page,

We use the highest level of data encryption for transfers, and the data stored on our servers is encrypted as well.

The data transfer through their server is also rated an A+, the highest possible rating, by SSL Lab.

MyAirBridge has various plans, including two type of free plans, one with no registration and one with registration. If you are one-time user or will just use it occasionally, you can simply head over to their website and start using it without registering anything. But if not, registering an account is the best way to go. With an account, you will be able to access to incoming and outgoing emails/packages. If you need to resend or forward a package, you can do so right from the account without re-uploading them.

MyAirBridge – Outgoing Packages folder