Star Wars: Battlefront II’s post-launch content for this year has been revealed

Those with EA Access can already experience Star Wars Battlefront II on Xbox One ahead of its November 17 release. The game certainly comes with much more content than its predecessor, and new details provided by EA give us a good luck at what post-launch content we can expect in the weeks to come.

Beginning in December, players will receive a wealth of new content for Star Wars Battlefront II free of charge provided they have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus memberships. This content, dubbed ‘Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Season’ leads into the next film’s highly anticipated release. This means that new content from the movie will be arriving in the game at this time as well.

On December 5, players must choose a side. Do you align yourself with the First Order? Or help the Resistance? This choice affects which special challenges you take part in that grant specific faction rewards.

December 13 is where the real fun begins. Captain Phasma and Finn will be joining the fight, and whichever faction completes the most challenges that week will receive a special reward for either Finn or Phasma. These characters can be purchased with in-game Credits. Arriving on December 13 as well are new locations and vehicles like the planetary map of Crait, The Starfighter Assault map of D’qar, plus a new hero ship – Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing. A new chapter of the game’s single-player campaign will also be added that day.

Throughout the rest of December, players can take part in new weekly challenges and and playlists. If you have yet to pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II, you can do so here.

Source: EA