The Pixel Watch Just Inherited Fitbit’s Best Sleep-Tracking Feature

The Pixel Watch with Fitbit's Sleep Profile logo.

After receiving its first post-launch update, the Pixel Watch now offers Fitbit’s best sleep-tracking feature. So long as you enable the Pixel Watch’s 6-month Fitbit Premium trial, it’ll provide Sleep Profiles for deeper insight into your nightly slumbers.

Fitbit introduced Sleep Profiles to a handful of its devices earlier this year. The idea is quite simple; each month, the Fitbit app compares your sleep habits to an animal, such as a bear, tortoise, dolphin, or giraffe. Through this metaphor, Fitbit can provide insight into your sleep (or lack thereof) and encourage you to sleep better.

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Fitbit app image introducing the user to Sleep Profiles.
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image of Fitbit Sleep Profile showing weekly sleep scores and other data.
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image explaining Fitbit Sleep Profile "Giraffe" rating. Basically, giraffes don't sleep a lot.
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According to Google, customers who use Sleep Profiles see an improvement in the quality of their sleep. This isn’t too surprising, as Sleep Profiles can help you understand when you’re lacking in 10 key areas of sleep, including bedtime consistency and sleep duration.

Unfortunately, the latest Pixel Watch update doesn’t add features like automatic workout tracking or irregular heart rate notifications. These features should work with the Pixel Watch hardware, so we hope that they arrive in the future.

If you’ve slept with the Pixel Watch for more than 14 nights (and continue sleeping with it every night), you’ll receive your first Sleep Profile on November 22nd. Note that you may need to update your Pixel Watch to unlock this feature.


Google Pixel Watch – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Activity Tracking – Heart Rate Tracking Watch – Matte Black Stainless Steel case with Obsidian Active band – LTE

The Pixel Watch features Fitbit integration with an array of sensors to track your sleep, heart rate, and exercise. It runs on the Wear OS 3 platform and offers a hands-free control with Google Assistant.

Source: Google