This is how Microsoft plans to entice Windows 11 users into using Microsoft Teams for Friends and Family

Microsoft plans to integrate Microsoft Teams into Windows 11, with the users being able to chat directly from the taskbar.

The question of course remains of how Microsoft intends to entice users to sign up for another network, when they have much the same features from Facebook or Google Plus.

Windows hacker Albacore has the answer, with screenshots of the OOBE for the Microsoft Teams taskbar chat client:

The images are notable for their friendly, decidedly non-businesslike iconography, reminiscent of the heydey of Windows Live, and it is also notable that the feature will require downloading the full Microsoft Teams client, with Albacore noting the Teams app is not very deeply integrated into Windows 11 at all, with most of the features powered by the separately downloaded main app.

It still seems unlikely that grandmothers will switch from Facebook to Microsoft Teams for their daily social fix. What do our readers think? Let us know below.

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