Top 10 Best Palworld Base Creations

Thanks to the game’s creative crafting mechanics, players have made the perfect oasis for their Pals around the Palpagos Islands. While some are perfect for starter homes, others have taken advantage of their end-game materials, establishing a creature utopia. So, if you want to see some cool builds or browse around for home ideas, here are the top 10 best Palworld base creations.

Gamer Couple’s Hideaway

Player-made village in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via Lightless_meow

Reddit user Lightless_meow’s base design has gained some traction in the community with their enclosed village. Both the player and their boyfriend developed the idea for it, showcasing a well-functioning workplace for Pals. Inside, you’ll come across areas for farming, grazing, and an assembly line for all their materials.

There’s even a cozy place for all the Pals to sleep in and a spa area for everyone to relax. You can also expect some new animals to arrive in various rooms designated for egg incubation. Apart from the creatures, the main building exhibits a living room, work domain, kitchen, bar, and a comfortable bedroom (for the humans this time.)

Pleasant Home With a Waterfall

House with waterfall in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via North_Shore_Problem

Another Palworld base creation that took my breath was this one from North_Shore_Problem. It’s set up right at the start of the initial spawn point, using the waterfall as the centerpiece of the build. The creation has everything you need for your journey, from ore deposits to Pal working stations.

I know how tough it can be to walk around that area, so the stairs are a very nice touch to make traveling more accessible. The only thing that may be a concern, though, is the creation’s wood design. But, thankfully, the user has turned off raids to avoid those fiery burns.

Resort Base

Resort player-made base creation in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via Broad_Positive_3204

Not all bases have to be extensive in size, and that’s abundantly clear with this resort build from Broad_Positive_3204. Any time a Pal has become too stressed, they can settle down in this oasis and melt their troubles away in the Hot Springs. There’s also a pond in the build to give the creatures more means of relaxation.

Then, once the day is done, the Pals can all cuddle up together in the open bedding area. By the looks of it, the creation features a barrier around the resort to ward off any surprise guests. Even though it’s smaller than most builds, it looks a lot better than my own Palworld house (especially since mine burned to the ground.)

Clover Kingdom

Clover Kingdom build in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via ShamrockSeven

The Palworld base creations we’ve seen have mainly been tied to wood, so now it’s time for stone to shine. Player ShamrockSeven fully utilized this material by building a castle-like design, naming it the “Clover Kingdom.” The overall layout looks straight out of medieval times, with a few modern twists deep inside the base.

When inside, the center house harnesses plenty of unique rooms, including a bar with Pal-themed vending and claw crane machines. Or, you can kick back and relax in the various areas with comfortable sofas seated directly across from a television set. You can certainly get lost in this build with its extensive amount of accommodations and Pal working destinations.

Lake Base With Plenty of Resources

Palworld lake base
Image Source: Pocketpair via ZippyFishy

Resources can be hard to come by in Palworld, primarily when you need to collect stacks of items for your recipes. Luckily, ZippyFishy found a location packed with materials, including coal, sulfur, and a dungeon to explore. The only roadway to the house is pretty restricted, making it difficult for raiders to go through.

But, of course, we can’t forget about the build itself, placed right next to a gorgeous stream. It makes for an excellent lake village, and the surrounding cliffside helps establish a barrier as well. Now, all it needs is some kind of boat to match the aesthetic, but this feature has yet to make it in-game.

The Circle-Sized Base

Circular base in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via Hoffburgers

Sometimes, you don’t even need to build any walls for your base due to the already-made landscape. Reddit user Hoffburgers took advantage of this, creating a circular-shaped design for all their Pals. The ruins around it make it look like a village in hindsight, and it also helps that each structure has been carefully placed to go around the radius.

It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time crafting, making everything accessible with its open features. On top of that, the user has indicated that the creation is free from raids, as it is stationed in a secluded location. They have also mentioned that resources are not included in this version to keep Pals from automatically working on unnecessary tasks.

The Ultimate Fortress

Palworld player-made fortress
Image Source: Pocketpair via reyadonna

Those who have explored Palpagos Islands will undoubtedly encounter many of Palworld’s foes, from human enemies to deadly creatures. So, to counter these ongoing threats, Reddit user reyadonna has crafted this monumental fortress. It features qualities similar to the previous castle design, using the Palworld’s sturdy stone material.

Anyone who dares to enter will be faced with their gigantic Pals and their almost impenetrable defenses. While you can’t see it from this perspective, the Palworld base creation does include multiple points of interest. In particular, there’s a command center to direct the Pals for work and a resort when it’s time to de-stress.

A Quaint Home With a Balcony

Palworld home with balcony and fencing
Image Source: Pocketpair via Narkolepsieana

Player Narkolepsieana made this cozy home with a balcony overlooking the property. The vines intertwining in the walls give off a cottage vibe, especially with the welcoming entrance decorated with plants. At the top of the structure, you’ll see a balcony right above the entryway, showcasing a table set perfect for eating.

Since the game lacks a few building materials like custom stairs and fencing, players have had to think of creative ways to set up their own designs. You can see that with this user’s balcony fencing, where they have placed multiple stools to create the illusion of a railing.

Palpagos Island Village

Palworld Village build
Image Source: Pocketpair via Val2int

We all know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and considering that Pals are basically our children, such a structure should be built in the game. Player Val2int has proved this with their base creation, crafting a settlement of various houses. The Pals have a home all to themselves, with a few levels filled with plush rest spots.

Viewers can also spot a ranch for gardening, exhibiting a variety of seed plots for those Pals with Farming skills. Yes, it may be built on wood, but sometimes you just have to risk it to make it feel more like home. The Reddit user mentioned that they could do all this mid-game, so it doesn’t necessarily require waiting for those more advanced levels.

Cliffside Home

Cliffside home in Palworld
Image Source: Pocketpair via HEX_Manifesto

Many Palworld players have continuously stopped to look at the breathtaking views around the islands. However, it only lasts a few minutes until they eventually have to move to the next adventure. That is until Twitter/X user HEX_Manifesto was able to prolong this experience by placing a house on the cliffside.

Not only does it come with a view, but the creation also comes with many handy features scattered around. At the center, you’ll find a restful bedding area for the Pals and a farming hub for the green thumb creatures. One thing not shown here is the viewpoint of the snowy mountains, which can be seen at the top of the house.