Top 6 App Store alternatives to download without jailbreak

Top 6 App Store Alternatives

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The App Store is a great place to find the apps that you need to help you with your daily routines. However, Apple does not allow tweaked apps in the store.

Third-party app stores provide iPhone and iPad device owners more options, making them popular among those who want to go beyond Apple‘s restrictions. Here are six of the best App Store alternatives that you can get without jailbreak.


If you want to download premium apps for your iPhone iPad without spending a dime, AppiShare is the best option out there. If you have something from the App Store that comes with a price, try to look for it on AppiShare. Best of all? This App Store alternative allows you to download and install movies.

Download and install AppiShare via this tutorial.


AppChina is one of the best App Store alternatives with tons of apps up for grabs. From your favorite iOS apps and games to tweaks and themes, you can find pretty much everything in one place. You can now download the latest version for iOS 11.4.

Download and install AppChina via this tutorial.


Don’t get overwhelmed by those Chinese characters you see in le890 as you can now get the English version for free. Le890 has a wealth of paid iOS games and apps that you can get at no cost. For those that you can’t get for free, you can still use coins to get them.

Download and install le890 via this tutorial.


For tweaked and hacked apps, AppEven can’t be more perfect. As you may know, only jailbroken devices are normally the ones that have access to hacked apps. With AppEven, you get the chance to get those modified goodies.

Download and install AppEven via this tutorial.


Tongbu is one of the most popular Chinese App Store alternatives that it’s now available in English. Its selling point is the ability of users to download paid apps and test them first before deciding to pay for it. Here you can find a variety of tweaked apps as well. Add to that the minimal issues and simple and easy-to-use interface.

Download and install Tongbu via this tutorial.


HiPStore is home to the most practical iOS apps that you can download for free. It also has a considerable amount of premium iOS apps — still free. You’ll benefit from the app’s regular updates to ensure a smooth user experience.

Download and install HiPStore via this tutorial.

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