Windows Tip: Switching Between File Explorer and Command Prompt from the Current Folder

It’s hard to give a proper title but what I meant is that you can open Command Prompt straight from File Explorer and vice versa.

Let’s say I am in my OneDrive folder in File Explorer wondering where my OneDrive is located in Windows. I can simply type “cmd” in the command bar and press Enter while I am still in the folder.

The Command Prompt window opens up with the start in folder pointing straight to the folder assigned to my OneDrive.

That’s pretty convenient because navigating folders is way easier in File Explorer than using command-line in Command Prompt.

What’s even better, which I honestly didn’t know before, is that if you are already in the folder in the Command Prompt, you can type and run “start .” to open the same folder in File Explorer. For example, this takes me to my OneDrive folder directly in File Explorer.

Note: make sure you typed the dot “.” at the end. Missing that will open another command prompt window instead.

This cool feature has been around since Windows 7, I believe, but some of you may just not be aware of. Give it a try to see if you like it.