You Can Now Buy Samsung’s Killer New Ultra Short Throw Projector

A group of people watching a movie projected on a wall.

Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors are a great way to get a huge display into a small room. All you do is place a UST projector inches from the wall and call it a day. But they’re an expensive new tech, as evidence by Samsung’s Premiere Projector. It comes in two models, the LSP7T for $3,499.99 and the LSP9T $6,499.99. And you can buy them right now.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors benefit from working in nearly any room, no matter how small or bright. They beam out ultra-bright images that you can still see in a well-lit room. And the picture is clear enough; you can get away with skipping the screen and projecting directly onto a wall. And you get to do that from inches away from the wall.

A $3,500 starting price, while expensive, is within the realms of budget pricing for an Ultra Short Throw projector. The most inexpensive UST projectors come in at just under $3,000 and often use an outdated Android version without access to the Google Play store. That leaves you spending more on a Roku Stick or Fire TV to get access to Netflix and Hulu.

A man looking at a giant painting projected on a wall.

The Premiere comes from an established name, Samsung, and includes its smart tv interface. That makes the additional dongle purchase more optional. You may still want it, but you don’t need it.

You get a 4K projector with a built-in sound system and access to Bixby and Alexa for your money. You also have Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming apps out of the box. But as always, spending more does get you more.

The $3,499.99 LSP7T Premiere can display an image up to 120 inches and uses a laser technology capable of 2200 lumens. It sports a 2.2 sound system and a game mode to reduce lag. You can control the project by voice, either through Bixby or Alexa.

You can buy it today from Samsung.

Stepping up to $6,499.99 gets you all that and more. The higher-end LSP9T Premiere uses a triple-laser system, which allows it to display images in HDR10+ for more vivid color and contrast. That system also means the projector steps up to a brighter 2,800-lumen capability.

The projector will sound better, too, thanks to a 4.2 sound system. You still get Alexa, Samsung’s Smart Tv interface, and the same minimal design that should look good in most living rooms.

You can buy the higher end Premiere today from Samsung.

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