4 Genshin Impact Characters That Are in Dire Need of a Rework

Genshin Impact has over 55 characters to try and collect and use. With that many, it’s inevitable that there are going to be some pretty major power differences, and some characters will just generally be better than others. However, some of the characters in Genshin Impact are in major need of a rework.

These aren’t just characters that are bad – these characters are underpowered, too expensive to build, and outperformed by lower-tier units. While any unit can be built with enough resources and expensive support characters, it doesn’t mean that they’re good characters. These four characters need a major rework in order to be on par with the rest of Genshin Impact’s characters.


Qiqi needs a rework in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

The issue with Qiqi, beyond people just hating on her because she’s a 5-star character on the standard banner, is that she just doesn’t have a place in the game. While she performs well as a healer (and many would argue she heals way more than is necessary), there are always going to be better options to choose from, and most of them are 4-star characters.

For example, let’s compare Qiqi to Diona. Qiqi applies Cryo every few seconds and heals her time. However, the 4-star Diona can heal, apply Cryo, and shield her teammates. Considering shielding is preferred over healing by most players, it’s easy to see why Qiqi just isn’t worth it to build. Her kit doesn’t offer much value despite needing a lot of investment in terms of level-up books as a 5-star character.


Dehya better kit in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

Fans have been upset because of Dehya’s kit since before she was released. Even after her banner came out, players were trying to fix her by sharing #FixDehya on Twitter. Similar to Cyno, her kit just doesn’t scale well enough for the amount of resources the 5-star Pyro character requires.

Additionally, Dehya’s kit works very differently from other units because of some mechanics that just seem odd. For example, her Elemental Burst doesn’t count as auto attacks and therefore can’t proc things like Xingqiu’s Burst, which is generally considered a must-have for many well-built teams.

Plus, she can deal while off-field because of the way her kit is set up to absorb damage for her teammates. Overall, her kit sounds interesting on paper, but it needs more love and care before succeeding in-game.


Cyno needs to be redone in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

The 5-star Electro polearm user from Sumeru, Cyno, has power-scaling problems. Considering he’s a DPS unit, his damage potential isn’t there. Razor, a 4-star Electro claymore user, deals comparable damage when he’s optimized and fills the exact same role that Cyno does.

It’s hard to justify pulling for Cyno when building Razor costs fewer resources since he’s a 4-star. This is even worse since Cyno is a limited banner character and gacha mechanics make him expensive — he needs higher numbers to be worth pulling for unless you genuinely love his character.


Aloy deserves better in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

Many Genshin Impact players were upset when Aloy was brought to the game because she was a crossover character from PlayStation-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. However, beyond not liking the idea of her, her actual kit doesn’t work well.

She’s technically the game’s only 6-star unit, and she’s a Cryo bow user. However, most 4-star options are better than she is. She doesn’t apply Cryo very well because of internal cooldowns on her kit, which make her pretty bad at doing her one job. It’s not worth it to build her when Kaeya, a 4-star Cryo unit, is given to every player for free at the very beginning of the game.

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