PS5 “Ultimate FAQ” Answers Your Questions About Sony’s New Console

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment posted a rather extensive “Ultimate FAQ” about the PS5, which is slated to hit the shelves soon.

The FAQ is indeed pretty much “ultimate,” including most items you may need to know before jumping on Sony’s version of the next generation.

You can read it in full below:

What’s the difference between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console?

The only difference between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console is the inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive in the PS5 console. The PS5 Digital Edition console does not feature a disc drive.

The PS5 console features an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive that will allow you to play PS5 Blu-ray disc games and PS4 Blu-ray disc games, as well as play video from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, standard Blu-ray discs, and DVDs.

The PS5 Digital Edition console does not have an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. PS5 Digital Edition console owners will be able to buy PS5 and PS4 games from PlayStation Store or access games via PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now (an ongoing paid subscription is required for each, sold separately).

And more than 99% of the 4,000+ PS4 games can also be played on either the PS5 console or the PS5 Digital Edition console, though with the PS5 Digital Edition console these games will need to be downloaded from PlayStation Store while the PS5 model with a Blu-ray disc drive will also support PS4 Blu-ray discs.

Note: Blu-ray discs cannot be used with the PS5 Digital Edition console. If you own PS4 Blu-ray Discs, you will not be able to use them with a PS5 Digital Edition console.

Are there any performance differences between the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console?

No. The consoles’ performance is identical, outside the existence of a disc drive.

What are the physical dimensions of the PS5 console and the PS5 Digital Edition console? How much do they weigh?

The PS5 console is approximately 390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth), excluding the Base, and weighs in at around 4.5kg.

The PS5 Digital Edition console is approximately 390mm x 92mm x 260mm (width x height x depth), weighing in at around 3.9kg.

Can I use both PS5 console models in either horizontal or vertical orientation?

Yes, both PS5 models include a Base that allows users to adjust the console for vertical or horizontal placement. Watch our PS5 teardown video to see how it works.

Will PS5 be available in other color schemes?

There won’t be additional colors or designs available for either of the PS5 models at launch.

What input/output ports and connectivity features does PS5 support?

Front of Console
USB Type-C® port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps)
USB Type-A port (Hi-Speed USB) — Connect your DualSense wireless controller to this port.
Back of Console
USB Type-A port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps) x2 — Use these ports to connect a USB drive for extended storage. You can also connect your HD Camera here.
Networking Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)Wifi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

Does PS5 use an external ‘power brick’?

No, PS5 is designed with an internal power supply.

What is included in the PS5 box at launch?

Whichever model you choose, you’ll get:

  • The PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition console
  • One DualSense wireless controller
  • USB Type-C to Type A charging cable for the DualSense wireless controller
  • HDMI cable (compatible with Ultra High Speed defined by HDMI v2.1)
  • AC power cord
  • Base that allows you to orient the console either vertically or horizontally
  • Quick Start and Safety guide.

Additionally, both PS5 models come with a free game pre-installed. Astro’s Playroom is a brand-new platformer that allows PS5 players to explore four worlds, each one showcasing innovative gameplay using the new and versatile features of the DualSense wireless controller.

The Ultra High-Speed SSD

What’s special about PS5’s SSD?

PS5’s ultra-high-speed SSD and integrated custom I/O system were developed with the goal of removing barriers to play – specifically loading screens. Developers are able to stream assets into PS5 games at an incredibly fast rate, so PS5 play experiences can be seamless and dynamic, with near-instantaneous fast travel through large game worlds. This enhanced speed will enable game developers to create larger, richer worlds without traditional limitations, such as load times, and also allows gamers to spend more time gaming than waiting.

What’s the difference between the PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD and other SSDs?

The 5.5GB/s (raw) read bandwidth of PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD is on the cutting edge thanks to its advanced, highly customized design and integrated I/O, including a custom decompressor. We developed it with the specific goal of reducing load times and maximizing the developer’s ability to access game data at super-fast speeds.

We believe it represents a true generational leap in data access, and will unleash game developers to create larger, richer, and more seamless play experiences than ever before.

Does PS5 improve my ability to download and store games?

Similar to PS4, PS5 games can offer a feature called “Preferred Install” that allows players to choose which part of a game to install first. This can allow a player to prioritize access to a particular mode or feature. An example could be prioritizing the installation of the single-player or multiplayer component of a game.

In supported PS5 games, players can also choose to remove specific modes or content they no longer want in order to free up storage space. Developers will ultimately determine the level of support offered for these features, but the goal is to maximize storage flexibility.

Downloading and applying game software updates on PS5 should work more quickly than on the PS4 console in general, as the data size of updates and patches is managed more effectively.

Additionally, a feature on the updated PlayStation App for mobile devices will allow players to remotely manage their PS5’s storage if they run out of space when queuing a game to download to their console via the app.

Can I store or play PS5 games from a USB drive?

No, players cannot transfer PS5 games to a USB drive. PS5 games must be stored on the console’s internal ultra-high speed SSD for gameplay. Explorations for allowing players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB drive in a future update are underway.

You can, however, store and play PS4 games from a compatible USB drive connected to PS5. For more details, keep reading.

Can I expand PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD storage?

PS5 features an expansion port that will, in the future, enable players to add M.2 SSD storage to be used for installing and playing PS5 games.

This M.2 SSD storage upgrade functionality will come to PS5 after launch as part of a system software update. We’ll share more details in the future, including around which type of M.2 SSD storage drive will be compatible with PS5.

On day one, you’ll be able to connect a compatible USB drive and use it to store and play your PS4 games. You’ll be able to play PS4 games while they remain stored on the external device. PS5 games need to reside on PS5’s internal SSD before play.

What’s an M.2 SSD drive?

M.2 SSD drives are a high-speed SSD medium that you can use to upgrade storage capacity in supported devices. Both PS5 models will support M.2 SSD storage expansion following a future system software update coming after launch.

Will I need to use a specific type or speed of M.2 SSD drive with my PS5?

Yes, a minimum performance level for the M.2 SSD drive will be required, and we’ll share more details in the future.

Should I buy an M.2 SSD drive for my PS5 at launch?

No. For now, we recommend that you hold off on purchasing any M.2 SSD drives intended for use with PS5. We will share more details on recommended drives in the future. M.2 SSD storage functionality will come to PS5 after launch with an upcoming system software update.

3D Audio

What is Tempest 3D AudioTech?

Tempest 3D AudioTech is PS5’s custom engine for 3D Audio. It will provide high-quality audio and allow games to offer a much deeper sense of immersion via the custom 3D Audio implementation with a PS5-compatible headset.

How does PS5’s 3D Audio benefit gameplay?

Games will tap into PS5’s advanced 3D Audio capabilities in different ways based on the goals of the development team. Among other advanced audio features, PS5’s 3D Audio supports highly accurate audio positioning.

Examples could be hearing an arrow zip past the player’s head, or hearing footsteps in another room and detecting the enemy’s location.

Will every PS5 game benefit from 3D Audio?

Yes. Even simple channel-based audio will have additional dimensionality thanks to PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. The exact 3D Audio effects may vary title by title, and developer optimization will provide the best experience

More broadly, PS5’s audio processing capabilities are considerably more advanced than PS4’s, so PS5 game developers will have powerful new tools to create great in-game audio.

What types of headsets can I use to enjoy 3D Audio?

The PULSE 3D wireless headset has been engineered to take full advantage of PS5’s 3D Audio capabilities. With a refined design, dual noise-cancelling microphones, and an array of easy-access controls, the PULSE 3D wireless headset offers a seamless experience.

Players can also experience 3D Audio on PS5 with a PS5-compatible headset that you may already own, either through the console’s USB connection, or by plugging an analog headset into the DualSense wireless controller’s 3.5mm headset jack.

Is 3D Audio available through TV speakers?

TV speaker virtual surround sound won’t be available on launch day for PS5 but is planned for a future update.

How do I get the best 3D Audio experience on PS5?

Using a PS5-compatible stereo headset offers the best 3D Audio experience due to the ability to deliver audio to each ear separately. In addition, since everyone’s ears are a little bit different, PS5 provides a set of built-in user profiles that players can choose from to get the best sound for them.


What are the specs of the AMD CPU and GPU?

CPU x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ “Zen 2”
8 Cores / 16 Threads
Variable frequency, up to 3.5 GHz
GPU AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Ray Tracing Acceleration
Variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
System Memory GDDR6 16GB
448GB/s Bandwidth
448GB/s Bandwidth

What exactly is ray tracing, and how will it make PS5 games look better?

Hardware-basedray tracing acceleration is integrated into PS5’s graphics processing unit (GPU), and developers have many ways to tap into these capabilities.

In a nutshell, ray tracing in graphics simulates the way light interacts with objects and surfaces, with a goal of generating more in-game visual detail. PS5 game developers can take advantage of ray tracing to make the effects of water, glass, light refraction, shadows, and surfaces look more realistic or striking, depending on their goals for their game.

Broader benefits, such as unified lighting models or other advanced effects, are also possible depending on the developer’s goals for their PS5 title.

Additional Information

What buttons are featured on PS5?

The PS5 console has a Power button and an Eject button for Blu-ray Discs. The PS5 Digital Edition console only has a Power button.

How loud will PS5 be when I’m playing games?

Our goal is for PS5 to be quieter than PS4. This is due to changes in the power delivery and cooling systems, as well as custom engineering work including a custom heatsink and a liquid metal-based thermal interface material.

You can take a close look at PS5’s cooling system in our recent teardown video.

Does PS5 feature a rest mode? What functions are possible while in rest mode?

Yes. When the system is placed in rest mode, the screen will turn off, the status indicator will shift to orange, and PS5 will enter a low-power state. You can set the system to perform actions such as downloading files or charging the DualSense wireless controller from a USB port while it’s in rest mode.

Rest mode for PS5 will be enabled by default in all markets.

What are the best practices when setting up my PS5 at home?

To maintain good ventilation, follow these guidelines below:

  • Place the console at least 10 cm (4 in) away from a wall surface.
  • Do not place on a carpet or rug with long fibers.
  • Do not place in a narrow or cramped space.
  • Do not cover with cloth.
  • Do not allow dust to build up on the vents. Use a cleaning tool such as a vacuum cleaner to remove dust buildup.

Will PS5 require a 4K TV? What resolutions are supported?

No, PS5 does not require a 4K TV. Supported resolutions are 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p. PS5 can output resolutions up to 2160p (4K UHD) when connected to a 4K display.

PS5 is compatible with 8K displays at launch, and after a future system software update will be able to output resolutions up to 8K when content is available, with supported software.

Does PS5 support HDR?

Yes, PS5 will support the HDR10 specification.

Can I connect my PS5 to my surround sound system or sound bar?

Yes, players can use PS5’s HDMI OUT port to connect to your TV or sound system.

Which audio output formats does PS5 support?

PS5 will support the following audio formats:

  • Dolby Digital (max 5.1ch)
  • Dolby Digital Plus (max 7.1ch)
  • Dolby TrueHD (max 7.1ch)
  • DTS (max 5.1ch)
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio (max 7.1ch)
  • DTS-HD Master Audio (max 7.1ch)
  • AAC (max 5.1ch)
  • Linear PCM (max 7.1ch)

What kind of HDMI cable should I use to connect the PS5 to my TV or receiver?

The included HDMI cable is recommended, but in general, use an Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable that supports HDMI 2.1.

Will PS5 support 4K at 120Hz modes?

Yes, PS5 supports the HDMI 2.1 specification. HDMI 2.1 supports 4K 120Hz, but HDMI 2.1-compatible 4K TVs have not yet fully penetrated the market.

The DualSense Wireless Controller

What are the differences between the DualSense wireless controller and the DualShock 4 wireless controller?

The DualSense wireless controller elevates the way players engage with games. That’s thanks to several immersive next-generation features, including haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers.

Both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are designed to produce powerful tactile sensations that deepen player immersion and increase gaming interactivity.

What are the physical dimensions and weight for the DualSense wireless controller?

The DualSense wireless controller measures approximately 160mm x 66mm x 106mm (width x height x depth), excluding the largest projection. It weighs approximately 280g.

How does the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback technology work?

Next-generation haptic feedback replaces traditional “rumble” features with dual actuators, offering a more immersive suite of powerful physical sensations. We expect that game developers will find many interesting and useful ways to tap into DualSense wireless controller’s unique haptic capabilities, from deepening player immersion to communicating various gameplay states, and much more.

Players will be able to reduce the effect or disable the feature if they prefer.

How does the haptic feedback intensity of the DualSense wireless controller compare to the “rumble” feature from the DualShock 4 wireless controller?

In the case of traditional “rumble” technology, two small motors spin in order to create a vibrating or shaking sensation that can increase immersion.

The DualSense wireless controller’s next-generation haptic technology uses dual actuators instead of motors, and the results are quicker, more precise, and far more tactile. These haptic effects can produce a far wider range of physical sensations, from gentle pulsing centered in a specific part of the controller, to more robust physical effects.

When playing a PS4 game on PS5, the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic effects will simulate the “rumble” effects of the DualShock 4 wireless controller. Players interested in experiencing the PS4 game’s original “rumble” effects can use a DualShock 4 wireless controller to play PS4 games on their PS5. For games that require a front-facing lightbar, the DualShock 4 wireless controller is required.

For the best PS VR experience on PS5 we recommend using a DualShock 4 wireless controller. Selected games may require PlayStation Move motion controllers or be compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim controller.

Players will need to use a DualSense wireless controller to play PS5 games.

What are in-game examples of the haptic feedback used by the DualSense wireless controller?

Examples include the feeling of metal striking metal in Demon’s Souls or feeling the texture of the surface Astro runs across in Astro’s Playroom.

How do the adaptive triggers work?

The new adaptive triggers – incorporated into the L2 and R2 buttons – can create powerful, real-time trigger effects that simulate your in-game actions. For example, a player could pull a bow string in a game and feelthe resistance as the string grows taut. Or they could press the brake pedal in a driving game and feel the resistance as they steer around a tight curve.

Developers can independently program the resistance of each trigger, so we’re expecting to see some pretty creative implementations once PS5 launches!

Players will be able to reduce or disable the trigger effects if they prefer. If a game doesn’t use the feature, the L2 and R2 buttons behave similarly to the buttons on the DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Does the DualSense wireless controller include a built-in speaker?

Thanks to a higher sampling frequency and acoustic improvements, the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated speaker produces clearer sounds than the DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Over the years, game developers have used DualShock 4 wireless controller’s speaker to boost immersion in creative ways, and we’re excited to see them carry on that tradition with the DualSense wireless controller.

Does the DualSense wireless controller include a built-in microphone?

Yes, the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated microphone array and built-in echo cancellation will enable players to quickly chat with friends without setting up a headset – ideal for jumping into a quick conversation with a friend. But if you’re planning to chat for an extended period, you may want to have a headset handy.

A mute button on the front of the DualSense wireless controller will allow users to toggle the mic on and off. A short button press will mute or unmute the controller mic, as well as the mic on a wired headset or USB headset, while a long press will mute the mic input as well as all PS5 audio output from your connected TV, speakers, or headset.

Does the DualSense wireless controller have a headset jack?

Yes, the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated headset jack will allow players to plug in a headset, earbuds, or another compatible audio device, similar to PS4. Players can also connect a wired headset and chat with friends in multiplayer games.

Will PS5 or the DualSense wireless controller support voice dictation?

Yes, players will be able to use dictation features to type messages or enter phrases for search, using either the DualSense wireless controller’s mic, or a headset mic. At launch, supported languages include Japanese, US English, UK English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian, and German.

Does the DualSense wireless controller feature motion controls?

Yes, the controller features an integrated six-axis motion sensing system (a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer).

Does the touch pad on the DualSense wireless controller have any new capabilities?

The touch pad is now slightly larger and easier for players to reach. The touch pad also features a light bar that can be used to show controller status and can display various colors to communicate gameplay status, similar to what you may have experienced with the DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Does the DualSense wireless controller have a ‘Share’ button?

Yes, the Create button is designed to build upon the success of our industry-first Share button. With the Create button, we’re once again empowering players to create engaging gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves.

Watch our PS5 UX video to learn more about how the Create button works.

Does the DualSense wireless controller have a light bar?

Yes, the DualSense wireless controller features player-facing light bars. For PS4 games that require a forward-facing lightbar and are playable on PS5, players will need to use a DualShock 4 wireless controller for gameplay. For the best PS VR experience on PS5 we recommend using a DualShock 4 wireless controller. Selected games may require PlayStation Move motion controllers or be compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim controller.

The light bars on the DualSense wireless controller lay to the right and left of the touch pad, and can display various colors to communicate gameplay status, similar to what you may have experienced with the DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Below the touch pad, the player indicator will communicate which player you are — useful when playing locally with other people.

Will the DualSense wireless controller have improved input latency compared to the DualShock 4 controller?

Input latency has been optimized on the DualSense wireless controller compared to the DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Will DualSense controller support any accessibility options?

Yes, PS5 players will be able to reduce or disable the force of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Players can also remap buttons on the controller. And the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated microphone allows for voice dictation features, making it easier for players to search for content with their voice.

To learn more about other accessibility features available for PS5, read below.

How do I charge the DualSense wireless controller?

The DualSense wireless controller can be charged in two main ways. One is via the USB Type-C® port, which players can connect to PS5 (or a compatible charging device) using the included USB cable.

Additionally, the DualSense Charging Station (sold separately) can charge up to two controllers simultaneously.

How long will the DualSense controller last on a full charge? How long will it take to recharge?

Under most conditions, battery life is expected to be similar to the DualShock 4 wireless controller. Recharging time when connected to PS5 or the DualSense Charging Station is estimated at approximately three hours.

How many DualSense controllers can be connected to PS5 at any one time?

Up to four DualSense controllers can be connected to one PS5 at a time. When playing with multiple players locally, the DualSense wireless controller’s player indicator (located just under the touch pad) will communicate which player you are.

Can I connect the DualSense wireless controller to my PS5 via a USB cable, and play it in a “wired” mode?

Yes, the DualSense controller operates in a wireless mode using Bluetooth 5.1, or in a “wired” USB mode by connecting it directly to the PS5 using the included USB cable.

Does the DualSense wireless controller come in black (or any other color)?

In the future, other colors will become available. But there are no announcements to share at this time.

Can I use the DualSense wireless controller with my PS4 console?

The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4 console.

Can I use my existing DualShock 4 wireless controller with my PS5?

For PS4 games played on PS5, players can use either the DualShock 4 wireless controller or the DualSense wireless controller.

PS5 games will require use of the DualSense wireless controller, as they have been designed to take advantage of its immersive new features.

For the best PS VR experience on PS5, we recommend using a DualShock 4 wireless controller. Select games may require PlayStation Move motion controllers or be compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim controller. The new HD Camera for PS5 is not compatible with PS VR.

PS VR games will also require the PS Camera (PS4) and the PS camera adaptor.

Can I use the DualSense wireless controller with my PC?

Remote Play on PC supports the DualSense wireless controller via a USB wired connection.

Can I use third-party controllers, like the SCUF Vantage or Astro C40 TR, with PS5?

Existing “specialty” controllers that are designed for and licensed for the PS4 console, such as steering wheel controllers and arcade fight sticks, will work on PS5 if the PS5 or PS4 game supports it.

Licensed PS4 controllers with a standard gamepad formfactor, such as the SCUF Vantage and Astro C40 TR, will work with PS4 games played on PS5. They are not supported for playing PS5 games.

How do I pair a DualSense wireless controller to PS5?

Pairing is easy: just connect the DualSense wireless controller to PS5 using the included USB cable, and turn on the controller by pressing the PS button.

What headsets are compatible with the DualSense wireless controller’s headset jack?

Headsets that can be connected via the headset jack are supported.


PS5 Games

What games will be available for purchase on PS5’s launch day?

See below for the latest list of titles currently scheduled for the rest of 2020. This list is a work-in-progress and may change. These titles will be available on November 12 or November 19, depending on region.

SIE Worldwide Studios Games: Launch Day

  • Astro’s Playroom (Japan Studio) (Pre-installed on PS5)
  • Demon’s Souls (SIE Worldwide Studios, Bluepoint Games)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Insomniac Games)
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (included with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition) (Insomniac Games)
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Sumo Digital)

SIE Worldwide Studios Games: Also in Development

Also confirmed to be in development from Worldwide Studios: Destruction AllStars (Lucid Games), Returnal (Housemarque Games), Horizon Forbidden West (Guerrilla), Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games), Gran Turismo 7 (Polyphony Digital), and the next entry in the God of War series (Santa Monica Studio)

Third-Party Games: Launch Day

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Ubisoft)
  • Borderlands 3 (2K)
  • Bugsnax (Young Horses)
    • Note: available at launch on PlayStation 5 to PlayStation Plus subscribers at no extra cost until January 4, 2021!
  • Dead by Daylight (Behaviour)
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (Capcom)
  • Dirt 5 (Codemasters)
  • Fortnite (Epic)
  • Godfall (Gearbox)
  • Goonya Fighter (Mutan)
  • King Oddball (10Tons Ltd)
  • Maneater (Tripwire)
  • NBA 2K21 (2K)
  • No Man’s Sky (Hello Games)
  • Observer: System Redux (Bloober)
  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat (Team 17)
  • The Pathless (Annapurna)
  • Planet Coaster (Frontier)
  • Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer Edition (Nacon)
  • Watch Dogs Legion (Ubisoft) (Digital all countries except China & Japan. Early 2021 for Japan)
  • WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (Nacon) (Digital countries except China & Japan. Early 2021 for Japan)

What other PS5 games are confirmed to be in development?

There are a large number of games confirmed to be in development for PS5, too many to fully list here. Please keep checking PlayStation.Blog and for updates on future releases.

Is there a difference in performance if I choose to install a PS5 game from a Blu-ray Disc, versus purchasing it digitally and downloading it?

No, once the game installs to the ultra-high speed SSD, the performance will be identical whether you installed the game via Blu-ray Disc or downloaded it via PlayStation Store.

Can I suspend a PS5 game and resume it from where I paused?

Much like on the PS4 console, if you have a game running and you put your PS5 in rest mode, or start a media app, the game will resume where you left off once you’re ready to play again.

If you start up a second PS5 game or fully power off the console, the first game you were playing will automatically close, and won’t automatically resume from your previous moment of gameplay. However, thanks to PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD, you will be able to load back into your installed PS5 game quickly and get right back to playing.

Are PS5 games region-locked?


Can I access my digital game collection from any PS5? If so, how?

Players can log in to any console with your PlayStation account and access their content while logged in. This is easy to do using the new PlayStation App for mobile devices, which allows players to sign in to a console from the app without having to enter your password on the screen with a controller.

Will my PS5 Trophy list be separate from my other PS Trophies?

Trophy lists will combine PS3, PS Vita, PS4, and PS5 Trophies, sorted chronologically by order of most recently unlocked.

Trophies have recently seen other updates – read up on the new details here.

Are there any changes to refunds on digital purchases? Will they be different if I purchase a PS5 Digital Edition console?

PlayStation Store refund and cancellation policies will remain the same. For more information on United States policies for digital purchases, please visit:

Playing PS4 Games on PS5

Can I play PS4 games on PS5?

Yes. When the PlayStation 5 console launches this November, more than 99 percent of the 4000+ games available on PS4 will be playable on it.

Learn more about playing PS4 games on PS5 here.

Will PS4 games benefit from playing on PS5?

Yes. Select PS4 games will see increased loading speeds when played on PS5, and will also leverage Game Boost, offering improved or more stable framerates. Some games with unlocked framerates or dynamic resolution up to 4K may see higher fidelity.

On PS5, PS4 games benefit from Game Boost automatically, and it doesn’t need to be toggled on or off like PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode feature. Additionally, PS4 games will also take advantage of some of PS5’s new UX features.

Additionally, if a PS4 game supported PS4 Pro enhancements such as improved graphics, higher resolutions, or increased performance and framerates, these will be available in the PS5 gameplay experience.

Learn more about playing PS4 games on PS5 here.

Does PS5’s ultra-high speed SSD provide any benefit for playing PS4 or PlayStation VR games?

PS4 and PlayStation VR games will load more quickly when stored on and played from PS5’s internal SSD, but they won’t leverage the full next-generation capabilities of the SSD.

Can Iplay PS4 games from a USB drive?

Yes. Storing PS4 games and playing them off a USB drive is a great way to access PS4 games on PS5 and enable easy access to PS4 games without needing to use any of PS5’s internal storage. We recommend doing this to save space on the internal console storage for PS5 games, which can’t be played off an extended storage drive.

Players can also set a system preference on PS5 that will, by default, install all PS4 games (including digital purchases from PlayStation Store, and game data from Blu-ray discs) and future game patches directly to a connected USB drive.

Note: Not all USB drives will work with PS5. An extended storage drive can’t be used through a USB hub, and two or more extended storage drives can’t be connected to PS5 at the same time.

Is there a particular type of USB drive I should use for storing PS4 games for play on my PS5?

Use a SuperSpeed USB or faster (USB 3.0 or later) storage drive with 250 GB minimum and 8 TB maximum capacity, formatted for exFAT (note: PS5 can format a connected compatible USB drive for exFAT). Devices with a faster specification may result in shorter load times for PS4 games stored on the drive.

If I bought digital PS4 games at PlayStation Store, can I download them on PS5?

Yes. When the PlayStation 5 console launches this November, more than 99 percent of the 4000+ games available on PS4 will be playable on it. Refer to this gu for more information.

Will PS4 demos or betas be playable on PS5?

The majority of legacy PS4 demos and betas will not be playable on PS5. Moving forward, however, new demos and betas will be playable on the PS5.

Are there specific PS5 and PS4 versions of games?

Yes. PS5 games are unique and specially made to tap into the special benefits of the next generation of console gaming, including the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, ultra-fast loading times, enhanced visuals and 3D Audio.

If I have a PS4 game, can I upgrade it to a PS5 version?

Certain PS4 games can be upgraded to the digital PS5 version of the game on a PS5 console. When using a PS5 console, you may have the option to upgrade a disc or digital PS4 game to the digital PS5 version. Depending on the game, this upgrade may occur at no additional cost, may require a purchase, and may be available for a limited time. An internet connection is required.

For an example, the PS4 version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and the PS4 version of Sackboy: A Big Adventure both offer upgrades to the digital PS5 versions of the games at no additional cost. If you own PS4 versions of these games, simply visit the game’s Hub for that title on your PS5 (Note: you’ll need to insert the PS4 disc into your PS5 console first if you bought the physical disc rather than the PS Store version of the PS4 game), and you’ll see an offer to download the PS5 version.

Please note: Blu-ray discs are not compatible with the PS5 Digital Edition. If you own PS4 Blu-ray discs, you will not be able to use them with the PS5 Digital Edition console, including to redeem offers to upgrade a PS4 game to a PS5 version. You can, however, upgrade eligible digital games.

If I don’t upgrade my PS4 game to the PS5 version, or if there is no PS5 version, can I still play the PS4 version of the game on PS5?

Yes, if the PS4 version of the game is compatible on the PS5, it will be playable on PS5 without upgrading. More than 99% of the 4,000+ PS4 games are compatible with PS5. Refer to this guide for more information.

If I have a PS4 game disc, but I own the PS5 Digital Edition, can I upgrade my game?

No, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade the physical copy or play it on the console, since the PS5 Digital Edition does not include a Blu-ray disc drive.

How do I transfer my PS4 game save files to PS5?

Players can transfer game save files from a PS4 console to PS5 using a LAN cable, by connecting wirelessly (WiFi), or saving the save files to a compatible USB drive. And if you are an active PS Plus member, you can transfer your PS4 game saves to your PS5 using cloud storage.

Can I transfer save game progress from a PS4 game to a PS5 version of that same game?

The ability to transfer game saves between a PS4 version and a PS5 version of the same game is a developer decision and will vary title by title for cross-generational games.

For Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, if players decide to upgrade from PS4 to PS5, their game saves will transfer. Sackboy: A Big Adventure also will support game save transfers from PS4 to PS5 in an update that will be delivered before the end of the year.

Note: If players originally purchased a PS4 game disc, the PS5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive is required to upgrade to the PS5 version of the game and transfer their saves over.

How does online multiplayer work with PS4 games when played on a PS5?

Whether you’re playing a multiplayer PS4 game on your PS4 or PS5 (via backward compatibility), you will be able to play with other players on either console for the same game.

If I’m playing a PS4 game, can I play with my friend who is playing the PS5 version of that game, or vice-versa?

It is possible to play together depending on the game, though support must be provided by the game’s developer.

Can PS4 and PS5 players communicate via voice chat?

Yes, PS4 and PS5 players (and users of the new PlayStation app for mobile devices) can communicate via voice chat in Parties. Depending on the game, in-game chat will also work across PS4 and PS5 versions of a game.

How will game invites work between the PS4 and PS5?

Players will be able to send and receive invitations for games that support cross-gen play across the PS4 and PS5. Once the PS5 launches, if you receive an invitation to join a game session, the notification will display which platform the game supports. If a PS5 game does not have a PS4 version available, PS4 players will not receive the invite.

Will I still have access to my PS4 PlayStation Plus games library on PS5?

Yes. If a PS4 game is playable on the PS5, and you are still a PlayStation Plus member, you will be able to download it onto your PS5 and play.

Will PS Now be available on PS5?

Yes, players with a PS Now subscription will be able to use PlayStation Now with their PS5, both for streaming and downloading of supported games.

Will PlayStation Plus offer PS5 games?

All PlayStation Plus members will continue to receive at least two great PS4 games each month.

It is our goal to add PS5 games regularly to the monthly games lineup, so check back with us at PS Blog for our monthly PlayStation Plus announcements.

What is The PlayStation Plus Collection?

PlayStation Plus members who are PS5 owners will be able to redeem and play a curated library of PS4 games that defined the generation, like Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and many more.

The PlayStation Plus Collection will be available on November 12 when PS5 launches in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and November 19 when PS5 launches throughout the rest of the world, including Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and South Africa.

The number and availability of titles in The PlayStation Plus Collection may vary by country, and The PlayStation Plus Collection is not available in China.

What games are included with The PlayStation Plus Collection at the launch of PS5?

The PlayStation Plus Collection will be an added benefit for existing benefits that PlayStation Plus members receive for the same great subscription price. Once a player redeems a game from the PlayStation Plus Collection, they can keep the games for as long as they are an active PlayStation Plus member. PS4 games redeemed from the PlayStation Plus Collection and played on PS5 will see benefits such as increased loading speed and improved or more stable framerates with PS5’s Game Boost.

From SIE Worldwide Studios:

  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • God of War
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

From our third-party publishers and developers:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Fallout 4
  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 5
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Can I play original PlayStation, PS2, or PS3 games on PS5?

No, PS5 will play PS5 games and more than 99% of PS4 games, including PlayStation VR games, only.

PS5 Blu-Ray Discs

What video disc formats does the PS5 console support?

The PS5 console version with a Blu-ray disc drive supports video playback from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, standard Blu-rays, and DVDs. Please note that the PS5 Digital Edition console does not support any optical discs.

Do PS5 game discs hold more data than PS4 discs?

Yes. PS5 Blu-ray discs can store up to 100GB of game data, compared to the 50GB storage offered by PS4 Blu-ray discs.

Will the PS5 console play PS4 Blu-ray discs?

Yes, PS4 Blu-ray discs are compatible with the PS5 console, provided that the PS4 game is supported. Refer to this guide for more information on playing PS4 games on the PS5 console. Please note that the PS5 Digital Edition console does not support any optical discs.

Does PS5 support 3D Blu-ray movies?

No, 3D stereoscopic output is not supported on PS5.

PS VR, Media Controller and Other PS5 Accessories

PS VR, PS Camera, PS Move Controller, PS VR Aim Controller

Can I play PS VR games on PS5?

Yes, PlayStation VR games are included among the thousands of PS4 games that are playable on PS5. Playing PS VR games on a PS5 requires a PS VR headset, PlayStation Camera for PS4* and a PlayStation Camera adaptor.

For the best PS VR experience on PS5, we recommend using a DualShock 4 wireless controller. Select games may require PlayStation Move motion controllers or be compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim controller. The new HD Camera for PS5 is not compatible with PS VR.

The PS VR headset, PS Camera, DualShock 4 wireless controller, PS Move controllers, and PS VR Aim controller are all sold separately from PS5.

*Model CUH-ZEY1 or CUH-ZEY2

Can I use PS4’s PS Camera with PS5?

Yes. PS Camera will be required for PS VR and PS Move gameplay for supported PS4 games on PS5. PS Camera will also support broadcasting on PS5.

Connecting PS Camera to PS5 will require the PlayStation Camera adaptor.

Can I use PlayStation Move motion controllers or the PS VR Aim Controller withPS5?

Yes, you can use PlayStation Move controllers or the PS VR Aim Controller in supported PS4 games on PS5, including PS VR software. You’ll need to connect the PS Camera to PS5 to enable PS Move or PS VR Aim Controller support, which requires the PlayStation Camera adaptor.

How do I get the PS Camera adaptor?

Visit for details.

HD Camera

What is the HD Camera?

The HD Camera for PS5 features two sensitive, wide-angle lens 1920×1080 cameras that can measure depth of space – useful for seamlessly cropping the background off of a broadcaster. The PS5 Camera connects via USB Type-A connector on the back of the console.

What are the physical dimensions and weight for the HD Camera?

The dimensions are approximately 100mm x 41mm x 75mm (width x height x depth), and it weighs approximately 92g. The cable length is approximately 2 meters.

Can I use PS5’snew HD Camera with my PS VR headset?

No, the new HD Camera will not support PlayStation VR. You’ll need to use the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Camera adaptor to connect it to your PS5.

Is there a microphone built into the camera?

No. You’ll be able to use a headset, or the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated mic.

Media Remote

What is the Media Remote?

The Media Remote is a convenient option for watching movies and shows on PS5. It includes dedicated buttons for popular streaming apps, playback controls, and a navigational control pad.

What are the physical dimensions and weight for the Media Remote?

The dimensions are approximately 45mm x 145mm x 26mm, excluding the largest projection, and weighs in at approximately 55g.

Can I use the Media Remote to play games?

No, the Media Remote is designed only to provide a simple, easy way to watch video content on PS5.

Does it run on replaceable or rechargeable batteries?

The Media Controller runs on two AA batteries, which are included.

Does the Media Remote support voice input?

The mic on the Media Remote can be used for voice dictation by pressing the mic icon on the On-Screen Keyboard when it appears, or in select media applications that support voice input modes. The physical mic button on the Media Remote is reserved for future functionality.

PS5 Headset and PS4 Headsets

What is the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset, and how is it different from previous PlayStation headsets?

The PULSE 3D wireless headset is the official headset for PS5 and features a refined design with dual noise-cancelling microphones, USB Type-C charging, and easy-to-access controls including a built-in mic mute, master volume, and in-game audio to chat mix controls. A dedicated mic monitoring button lets you check how you sound to your teammates.

You can connect the PULSE 3D wireless headset to your PS5 or PS4 console using the included wireless adaptor. You can use the 3.5mm headset jack to connect to other audio sources, such as the DualShock wireless controller, PlayStation VR, or a mobile device.

What are the physical dimensions and weight of the PULSE 3D wireless headset?

The dimensions are approximately 213mm x 190mm x 91mm, and it weighs approximately 292g.

How long does the PULSE 3D wireless headset’s battery last on a single charge?

The PULSE 3D Wireless Headset is estimated to last for up to 12 hours of wireless play using its built-in rechargeable battery.

Can I use the official Gold or Platinum wireless headsets with PS5?

Yes, the official Gold Wireless Headset and Platinum Wireless Headset are natively supported on PS5, using either the included wireless USB adaptor or the 3.5mm headset jack on the DualSense wireless controller.

Can I use third-party headsets with PS5?

Officially licensed headsets from third-party manufacturers will be available after the launch of PS5. Some headsets licensed for the PS4 console may work or may require a device firmware update. Please consult with your headset’s manufacturer for compatibility questions.

Wireless headsets from third-party companies that use a Bluetooth connection will not be supported on PS5, though most USB and analog headsets will be supported.

Headsets that can connect to a 3.5mm jack, USB-A, or USB-C will work for 3D Audio.

Additional Peripheral Support

Can I connect a keyboard and mouse with PS5?

Yes, USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice are supported at a system level, though game developers will decide whether to support at a game level.

Will I be able to use my PS4 fight stick with PS5?

Many licensed PS4 arcade fight sticks should be compatible with PS4 games that are playable on PS5. Please consult with your fight stick’s manufacturer for compatibility questions.Play Video

The PS5 UX and Apps

PS5 User Experience

What were the goals of the PS5 user experience (UX)?

The goal was to ensure that play time is valuable and meaningful. PS5’s new user experience (UX) is completely centered on the player – to provide a truly next-generation experience with increased immediacy and deeper immersion, quickly connecting you to great games and a passionate gaming community.

What are some of the most notable differences in PS5’s user interface from PS4?

PS5’s new UX introduces a number of new features designed to make your gaming experiences more immediate, more immersive, and more personalized.

One of the highlights is the new Control Center, which works like an evolved version of the PS4 console’s Quick Menu. A single press of the PS button will bring up Control Center on PS5, providing immediate access to frequently used system features – all without leaving the game.

Activities are another new feature designed to bring you closer to key elements of gameplay. Activities are displayed via on-screen Cards in the Control Center and in the hubs of supported games, and enable you to discover new gameplay opportunities, return to things you missed, jump directly into levels or challenges you want to play, and much more.

Other types of Cards include Game Help, Screen Sharing, and more. Some cards can be put in picture-in-picture mode or pin-to-side mode, so you can view them without having to leave the game.

To learn more about the PS5 user experience, watch our video tour.

Will PS5 automatically download game patches and game updates for the games that I’ve played?

Yes. When the auto-download feature is activated and you’re connected to the internet, PS5 will automatically search for game updates for games that you frequently play. Game updates will also download while the console is in rest mode, if the user selects a power profile that allows connection to the internet. When you play a game, PS5 will automatically search for game updates.

Will PS5’s UI support folders or themes at launch?

No, PS5 will not support folders or themes at launch.

Will the PS5 user experience offer official updates or news?

Yes, all PS5 owners globally will get official news from publishers for games they own or follow in each game’s hub, as well as recent stories in their language in a special Card in Control Center, and in the PlayStation App for mobile devices.

At launch, PS5 owners in the United States can also visit Explore on the home screen to see all of these stories together in one place, so you can see what’s going on with games you’re excited about or games you’ve set aside. In addition, Explore allows you to access live broadcasts, shared video, and images that are trending in the community from games you follow, and get updates from PlayStation.

Will we need to download a system update on day one?

Yes, there will be a PS5 system software to the latest version on day one.

If I’m not online, can I install system updates via a USB drive?

Yes, as with the PS4 console, you will be able to download new system software updates to your PC from and transfer them to PS5 using a USB drive formatted for FAT32.

What is Game Help, and how does it work?

Game Help is a system-level feature for PS Plus members only on PS5 that may offer helpful hints, tips, and tricks to help you move forward in select PS5 games. The feature is purely optional, but it’s designed to be quicker and easier than searching the web for some types of tips and should help you avoid game spoilers.

Watch our PS5 user experience tour to see how Game Help works.

What accessibility options does PS5 offer?

PS5 players will be able to reduce or disable the force of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the DualSense wireless controller and remap buttons on the controller.

A voice dictation feature provides a simple and fast way for users to input text compared to a virtual keyboard: simply speak the words and they’ll appear on-screen. The feature will work with a headset, the DualSense wireless controller’s integrated microphone, or the Media Remote.

An integrated screen reader provides users with options to hear on-screen text and have controls read out loud. Users can also customize their display settings to invert colors, make text larger or smaller, bold text, adjust contrast, invert color, color correction, auto-scroll speed, and reduce motion settings.

Additionally, a chat transcription feature provides the ability for voice chat audio to be transcribed into text, and also for typed text to be spoken to other players in voice chat.

Voice dictation, screen reader, and chat transcription on PS5 support the following languages: English (US), English (UK), Japanese, German, Italian, French, Canadian French, Spanish, Latin American Spanish.

PS Store and Digital Content

Is PlayStation Store improved on PS5?

PS Store on PS5 is now fully integrated into the system with lightning-fast browsing and a simplified, smarter layout that makes it easy to find the right game.

Can I buy PS4 and PS VR games at PS Store on PS5?

Yes, any PS4 and PS VR games that are playable on PS5 will be available for purchase on PS5 through PS Store.

How will the PlayStation App for mobile devices supportPS5?

The updated PlayStation App for mobile devices has been reimagined to enhance your gaming experiences on both PS4 and PS5, including an updated user interface, Messages integration, voice chat and Party groups, natively integrated PlayStation Store and remote downloads, PlayStation news, and new features for PS5.

How can I manage PS5 downloads remotely?

The new PlayStation App for iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later) mobile devices features a native PlayStation Store experience that enables fast and smooth shopping and browsing, with the ability to remotely purchase and download games and add-ons directly to your PS4 and PS5.

When PS5 arrives, you’ll be able to remotely launch games, manage storage on your console, and quickly sign in to PS5 straight from the PS App.

Additionally, you can use to manage downloads remotely.

Where will I find all of my PS5 and PS4 games?

From PS5’s home screen, the “Game Library” will show all the PS5 and PS4 games you’ve purchased or played. This includes games you were able to play as a PS Plus or PS Now subscriber. If those subscriptions have lapsed you will need to buy new subscriptions to be able to play those games again (note: PS Now service availability varies by country).

Entertainment Apps

Where will I find all of my entertainment and media apps?

From PS5’s Media homescreen, you can easily find and launch media apps you’ve recently used. Other apps you’ve downloaded but haven’t used lately can be found in the App Library.

When you want to try something new, use the All Apps hub to download a new app, or use the TV & Video hub to find recommended shows across your apps and new apps you haven’t yet downloaded.

Not sure what app has a movie or a show you’re interested in? Universal Search will let you know where you can find it and help you get there.

Which entertainment apps will be available for PS5 at launch?

Popular entertainment apps such as Netflix, Apple TV +, YouTube, Disney+, and Spotify will be available on PS5 at launch, though availability will differ by region. Additional app info can be found here.

Will streaming apps differ across countries, depending on what services are available regionally?

Yes, Internet access and an account for PlayStation Network will be required, and streaming services may require a paid subscription and may not be available in all countries or regions.

How do I access media apps and services on PS5?

Media apps are easy to access on the PS5’s home screen, in a dedicated Media section.

Will PS5 entertainment apps offer support for 4K resolution and HDR?

Yes, if the app supports these features.

Can I listen to my own music while playing on PS5?

Yes. Spotify will be supported at launch, enabling music playback, including as in-game background music. Players can also listen to music from a USB drive, including MP3, FLAC, and AAC formats.

Party, Friends, and Network Features

How will social features like Friends List and Party be improved with PS5?

PS5 expands the concept of Parties into a dedicated hangout space for you and up to 99 of your friends. You can share game content, plan play sessions, or just catch up over voice chat or text chat with users across PS4, PS5, and the new PlayStation app for mobile devices.

On PS5, the newly upgraded Parties are fast, convenient, and richly interactive places. Want to play a few multiplayer games? Jump straight into a match with your Party participants – no further invites required.

Want to chat with a friend while showing off what you’re playing? Start a voice chat in your Party and you can activate the “Share Screen” feature, which uses low-latency technology so you can show you friends what you’re playing now in real time, while keeping an eye on their game progress, too.

Want to share your gaming experience? Using Share Play (PlayStation Plus membership required), you can also hand over control of your game to a trusted friend or use it to play a local co-op game together.

A new feature called Game Base acts as your social hub on PlayStation. Game Base collects all your Friends, Parties, chat conversations, and more in one convenient and persistent place across PS5, PS4, and the new PlayStation app for mobile devices, so you can stay connected with your friends on PlayStation wherever you are.

How many players can participate in the voice chat in a Party at any one time on PS5?

You can have up to 16 people participate in a voice chat across the PS4 and PS5, and the new PlayStation App for mobile devices.

What Family/Parental controls are available with PS5?

If you’re an adult with an account for PlayStation Network, you can create an account for your child and become a family manager. This can be done in the Family Management section of your account settings.

The family manager can:

  • Manage playtime.
  • Manage purchases from the family manager wallet.
  • Manage access to games, videos, and apps.
  • Disable messaging and voice chat.
  • Block videos, broadcasts, and pictures created by other players.
  • Appoint other adults in the family as “guardians.” This allows them to set and change controls, such as how much can be spent from your wallet, for all the child family members.

Additionally, parental controls allow the family manager to institute age level restrictions for certain games and media, playable hours, spending limits, communication with other players, and use of PlayStation VR.

Can I change my Online ID?

Yes! Please visit this page for more details.

Can I customize my privacy options to Appear Offline?

Yes, you can Appear Offline. In a new feature on PS5, you can also set your status to “Busy,” to let friends and other players know not to disturb you.

Can I link other services to my PlayStation account?

Yes. PS5 offers integrated features with Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can link your account to these services.

Creating and Sharing Content

How does the new Create button on the DualSense wireless controller work?

The Create button gives players the ability to capture just the right moment in their gaming session. In the Create menu, you can choose to save a portion of your past gameplay, start a manual recording, take a great screenshot, or broadcast gameplay.

Additionally, the most common controls that players like to change (recording resolution, screenshot format, whether to include voice chat audio in the recording) are easily available without having to leave the game.

What video length can I capture on PS5?

PS5 automatically captures the last 60 minutes of gameplay. To save the footage, you’ll press the Create button and select “save recent gameplay.” There, you can select as little as the last 15 seconds, up to the last 60 minutes of your play session.

PS5 automatically captures the past 60 minutes of your gameplay at 1080p resolution. 4K resolution is also available if you manually record your gameplay using the Create button.

What resolution will video content be captured at?

By default, recorded video is saved at 1080p and up to 60 frames per second. 4K video recording is also available if you manually record your gameplay using the Create button.

There is a setting in the Create Menu called Manual Recording Resolution, which is visible when your PS5 is connected to a 4K capable TV. Players will be able to choose between 1920×1080 (default) or 3840×2160. The setting stays until you or another player on your console changes it or connects the console to a non-4K TV.

Where are my captured screenshots and video content stored on PS5?

Captured screenshots and videos are saved to the Media Gallery on PS5. The Media Gallery is accessible in the Games home screen, and allows for viewing, editing, sharing, copying to a USB drive, and playback of USB-based media.

How can I save the video and images I record on PS5 to another device?

Players can select images and videos and copy them to an external USB drive.

What options do I have for outputting captured video? Can I stream or export video in 4K from my PS5 to external services?

1080p and 4K video can be shared to external services, but the output resolution may be reduced depending on the shared platform.

In which formats and resolutions can I capture screenshots on PS5?

You can save screenshots as JPEG or PNG formats at 1920×1080 or 3840×2160 resolutions. Players can also capture (and view) HDR screenshots if PS5 is connected to an HDR display. When HDR screenshots are exported or shared, PS5 converts them to a standard JPEG image.

Where can I share content at launch?

Players can share screenshots and video clips (up to 3 minutes long) with friends in their Parties on PS5 or the PlayStation App for mobile devices. Players can also share to external services including Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

Can I transmit my shared content to the new PlayStation App for mobile devices for easy mobile sharing?

Players can share images and videos in Parties via Game Base, and that content is viewable on the new PlayStation app for mobile devices.

Does PS5 offer capture device support?

Yes. PS5 will allow the use of external HDMI-based capture devices by disabling HDCP in the Settings menu.

What improvements does Share Factory Studio on PS5 offer over Share Factory on PS4?

Share Factory Studio is a powerful media editor for your PS5. The app offers a much more robust set of editing features than the basic quick-edit feature for your gameplay capture. Share Factory Studio on PS5 provides a new set of tools and many new features, such as 4K HDR video support. Create visual wonders and share them for others to see!

What are Share Screen and Share Play?

Share Screen is a new feature for PS5. Share Screen allows a user to broadcast their game screen in real time to up to 16 Party members in a voice chat. Think of it as a small-scale game broadcast session between friends.

While using Share Screen, a player can use Share Play (active PlayStation Plus subscription required), to pass a “virtual controller” to another voice chat participant, who can then play the game remotely for up to one hour while the Party continues to watch and chat.

Share Play will also allow up to two players to play a local co-op game together, even if the other player does not own the game.

Can I transfer my captured media (gameplay clips, screenshots) from PS4 to PS5?

No, though you can export them via the built-in Capture Gallery application to a compatible USB drive from your PS4 console for safekeeping.

Other Questions

How many users can sign into one PS5?

Up to 16 users can be registered to one PS5, and up to four users can log in at the same time.

Does PS5 feature a web browser?

No, the PS5 system doesn’t include a dedicated web browser app.

How does Remote Play on PS5 work?

Players will be able to access their PS5 from a PC or mobile device via Remote Play in the same way as PS4. With PS5, you’ll also be able to access your PS5 from a PS4 console or another PS5 via Remote Play.

Learn more about Remote Play, including app download links, here .

Are there any other changes to Remote Play with the launch of PS5?

We’re updating PS4’s Remote Play feature. Now, in addition to being able to access your PS4 from a PC or a mobile device, your PS4 can access other consoles via Remote Play too, right on your TV. This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream a PS5 game to your PS4 so you can play it there.

Additionally, Remote Play will add support for up to three additional users to join the Remote Play session, which allows users to enjoy local multiplayer games via Remote Play.

In case you missed it, the PS5’s standard edition will cost $499.99, €499.99, £449.99, or 49,980 yen while the Digital Edition is priced at $399.99, €399.99, £359.99, or 39,980 yen.

The first release date for the PS5 will be on Nov. 12 in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Everyone else will have to wait a little more: the console will launch in Europe and in the rest of the world on Nov. 19.

Incidentally, Sony recently announced that it plans to ship more than 7.6 million units by the end of March 2021, beating the PS4’s debut shipments.

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