A custom Mandalorian Xbox Series X/S is cool, but a Grogu controller is even cooler

Celebrate The Mandalorian season 3 with a cool new Xbox, but you’ll have to win it first.

Mandalorian Xbox and Controller

Xbox / Lucasfilm

Finally! The Mandalorian season three is now available to stream on Disney+ but what better way to do it than on a custom Xbox Series S or Series X? How about on a custom console with a custom Grogu controller?

To celebrate the launch of the third season of the hit show, Xbox has announced two new competitions that could get you into a brand new custom console, so long as you’re fortunate enough to actually win, that is.

In a post to the Xbox blog, the company has shared details of the new competitions and you’re going to want to get in on the act. Thankfully, actually entering the competitions is super easy, but let’s focus on what you can win for now.

The first competition is available globally and will get you a bevy of Mandalorian-inspired gaming hotness. That includes an Xbox Series S and Series X bundle, a custom Grogu Xbox controller, and a hoodie. And yes, that controller is just as cool as it sounds. You can enter this competition by retweeting the official Xbox Twitter account, and it runs from 1 March through 11 May 2023.

The next competition is perhaps the most exciting, but it’s only available to those in the United States. Here, you can enter by visiting the Microsoft Rewards website, but what you’ll win is truly impressive.

The Mandalorian Xbox Competition

Xbox / Lucasfilm

“Just like a Jedi’s lightsaber or a Mandalorian’s Beskar suit, Grogu has his own iconic gear: the armored floating pram,” Xbox explains. “That’s why, in addition to the custom controller and accompanying hoodies, we are also offering gamers a fully immersive experience in their very own Pram XL.”

Now, this Pram XL might not float, but it’s apparently human-sized and is “a fully operational gaming station where you can both game and stream the new season.” So there’s that.

The competition that could win you that Pram XL, an Xbox Series S, custom controller, and hoodie runs from 16 March through 11 May.