A Hacker Group Claims it Stole Ring Data

Ring logo at CES 2023

Ring, the Amazon-owned security camera company, is no stranger to security problems. Unfortunately, things could be about to get worse as a big ransomware group claims it breached Ring’s systems and is now threatening to release all the data.

According to Vice’s Motherboard, a group known as ALPHV added the Ring logo to a new entry on its site that lists hacks and data breaches. More importantly, next to the logo is a threatening comment that says, “there’s always an option to let us leak your data.”

As of right now, the contents of the hack are unknown, so this could be anything from customer information to camera data. Motherboard said Ring reached out and claims it has no evidence of a breach of its systems. However, Ring said a third-party vendor did get hit.

For those unaware, ALPHV, whose malware is known as BlackCat, posts its hacks on a website. The idea is to name-drop the company and shame them into paying a ransom. If Ring doesn’t pay up, the group starts threatening to release the stolen data.

From what we’re hearing right now, things are already at that stage, which isn’t a good sign. There’s a chance Ring is refusing to pay, or the conversations failed, and now the ransomware group started with the threats.

Motherboard went on to say that “a person” notified Amazon employees of the situation in a Slack message and said, “do not discuss anything about this,” and that the appropriate security teams are actively engaged in the incident.

Again, we don’t know much yet. There’s no clear indication of what type of data the group gathered, where it came from, or what’s happening internally. That said, we’ll likely be learning more soon.

via Vice