Adobe Fresco drawing and painting app now available for all modern Windows PCs

Adobe Fresco is a drawing and painting app built specifically for touch first and stylus powered platforms. Back in November 2019, Adobe announced the availability of Fresco app for Microsoft Surface devices. Now, Adobe is expanding the Fresco app to all modern Windows devices. If your Windows PC is running Windows 10 version 1903 or later and has Intel or Nvidia GPU with Direct X Feature Level 12.1, you can download the Fresco app.

Adobe today also announced the addition of some of the highly requested features to Fresco. New updates include a new Clipping Masks tool for clipping layers, a new Brushes Management tool, and more. Find the details below.

  • Clipping Masks Tool: Fresco users can now define the boundaries of drawn content with the ability to clip a layer, or layers, to another layer or layer group and constrain the content.
  • Brushes Management & Brushes Preview Tools: Fresco’s new Brushes Management tool allows users to decide for themselves which Pixel brushes to show or hide and create a personalized set of go-to brushes. The Brushes Preview tool offers a size-and-shape indicator for Photoshop, Pixel and Eraser brushes that appears as soon as a finger or stylus touches the screen, eliminating the question of how much area users cover when they begin drawing and painting. The Brush Preview tool is off by default and can be enabled by going to App Settings > Input > Brushes > Brush Preview.
  • Updated Touch Shortcut Map in the Help Menu: The quick actions menu, available in the Cloud Documents screen, is also available in Recents, and because the Touch Shortcut now has multiple states and multiple uses, the Touch Shortcut Map in the Help menu has been updated.

Source: Adobe