Apple announces new iMac refresh and yes, it’s Intel-powered

Apple has introduced a new iMac – and yes, it’s still Intel-powered. There’s finally a new webcam, too, raising the bar to 1080p from 720p (finally). You can order the new models immediately.

Updates are coming to both the 21 and 27-inch models although it’s the larger from $1,799 model that Apple wants to shout about, with faster Intel processors up to 10 cores, T2 co-processor for improved security, double the memory of earlier models, new AMD graphics, faster SSDs with four times the storage capacity (8TB is an option for the first time) plus a new nano-texture glass option for an even more stunning Retina 5K display.

Nano-texture glass was first introduced on Apple’s epic Pro Display XDR display for the Mac Pro. It’ll give you an even better picture under various lighting conditions, such as a bright room.

Apple says the new 27-incher with AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics will deliver around a 30 percent uplift in Final Cut Pro X rendering, for example.

SSDs will be available across the 21.5-inch iMac lineup (from $1,099) for the first time although you can choose a Fusion Drive should you want to.

Apple also announced an update to the iMac Pro, too, 10-core Intel Xeon processors as standard. You can still get up to 18 cores should you wish to (swoon). There’s no further iMac Pro update, however, which could be an indication that it’s selling well just the way it is.

Although Apple will transition its Mac lineup to Apple-designed, Arm-based processors starting later this year, the new iMac is more of the kind of regular update we tend to expect annually – the chassis isn’t redesigned at all and the display still has the large black bezels.

It’s worth noting that we’re expecting there to be Intel Macs for some time to come. We believe the first Apple Silicon-based Macs will be at the MacBook-end of the line, with a possible replacement for the MacBook Air or 13-inch MacBook Pro first in line.

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