Apple Made a Streaming App Just for Classical Music

Apple Music logo

If you’re sick and tired of modern music, and you just want enjoy the times when cannons were used as instruments, Apple has you covered. Apple is preparing a new music app just for classical music.

Apple is preparing a new app called Apple Music Classical, a special version of its Apple Music streaming service that’s dedicated solely to classical music and those bangers from two centuries ago. You can access this app with your existing Apple Music subscription, and the point of it is to bring an app that’s more focused on this kind of music, compared to the catch-all standard Apple Music app.

This app includes thousands of recordings in lossless quality, and a lot of them even support Spatial Audio, which has long been cited as one of the best use cases for this technology. It will also offer curated playlists and exclusive albums, as well as biographies of legendary composers that you can pull up whenever you want. Basically, if you’re a fan of classics, or you want to broaden your musical frontiers, it’s a nice app to check out — especially since it comes at no extra cost to you.

You’re giving up some features like offline downloads, but this looks like an interesting offering overall. Apple Music Classical is limited to iPhone right now, but an Android version will become available too in the future. It’s listed as a pre-order on the App Store right now.

Source: The Verge, App Store