Apple working on a fix for the iPhone 12 wireless charging problem

Apple has announced that it’s working on a fix for the iPhone 12 wireless charging problem which has been reported by a lot of owners using the Qi-certified charger.

Describing the problem, an iPhone 12 users said:

When the phone arrived, it charged happily on all three of my Choetech chargers. On Saturday, I realized it hadn’t charged overnight, and now wasn’t interested in charging on that stand. It still charged on the other two.

Later in the day, it stopped charging on a second one. Then when I tried the third, it had stopped charging on that too!

I tried all three with and without the case, without any difference. So now it doesn’t wirelessly charge at all on any of my chargers.

According to a 9to5MAc report, restarting the device does solve the issue temporarily but this is not a good fix in the longer run. Initially, the user thought that an iOS beta update would fix the issue but the problem reappeared after a while which is when he had to get in touch with Apple’s customer care.

Having raised the issue to the company, Apple acknowledged the problem and said that it’s working to resolve the problem.

Not only this, last month some users complained about problems with the display of the device. Many users said that the devices were exhibiting flickering, a green and grey glow and other unintended lighting variants. According to a MacRumors report, the company acknowledged that problem as well and said that it’s working on a fix for that.

As per latest reports, Apple has also said that it will replace your iPhone 11’s display for free if it has the glitchy touchscreen problem.

It’s just been a few months since the launch of the new iPhone 12 and such problems cropping up doesn’t seem to be a good sign for the company. Since these issues can be fixed by a software upgrade Apple will be hoping something major doesn’t come up.

Till then, users who have encountered the wireless charging and display problems will have to wait for Apple to push the fix through an OTA update.

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