Asus ROG Phone 7 specs, launch window, and more leaked

We’re starting to hear more about what is set to be the next Asus ROG phone and it all sounds promising.

ROG Phone 6D Ultimate on a table
The next Asus ROG phone has started to leak ahead of release and if correct, it gives us an idea of what specifications we can expect from the enthusiast-focused device.

It’s expected that Asus will release as many as three new phones depending on which part of the world you happen to live in, although one country will only get a single phone to choose from. Unfortunately, it also happens to likely be the least capable of the three.

TheTechOutlook reports on a leak by Paras Guglani that suggests there will be an Asus Rog Phone 7, Phone 7D, and Phone 7 Ultimate and that they’re all expected to be announced in the third quarter of 2023. That means that we should expect confirmation that the three phones exist at any point from July going all the way to iPhone 15 announcement time in September.

The same report has the Chinese market getting all three phones, while the international market will get the Asus ROG Phone 7 and Phone 7 Ultimate. Unfortunately, those in India will only be able to get their hands on the standard ROG Phone 7.

As for specifications, we’re still at the relatively early stage for these kinds of leaks so keep that in mind. However, the report believes that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will take care of processing across all of the models, while an AMOLED display will also be used.

It sounds like storage will be what differentiates at least two of the models – the ROG Phone 7 will have 16GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage, while the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate will have a 512GB version as well. There hasn’t been any information given on what the situation will be with that ROG Phone 7D, however.

If the official ROG Phone 7 series announcement is indeed going to happen in the third quarter we can likely expect to start hearing more leaks in the coming months. If these new phones turn out to be anything like the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, we can be pretty excited for what’s to come.