A&Ultima SP3000 is Astell&Kern’s new £3800 flagship portable music player

If you’ve got £4,000 burning a hole in your pocket and a penchant for the best music quality money can buy, Astell&Kern has just launched its new flagship portable music player, the A&Ultima SP3000.

With a body crafted from luxury-grade stainless steel, the SP3000 is built to last and looks every bit the star of the show, with Astell&Kern’s signature angular design on its edges and watch-style crown control.

It’s the world’s first digital audio player to use Independent Dual Audio Circuitry, which completely separates out the balanced and unbalanced outputs for the purest sound quality possible. It’s also the first to use the new flagship AK4499EX DAC chip from Asahi Kasei, which separates out the digital and analogue signal processing to push audio quality even further.

And while the focus here is hi-fi on-the-go, the SP3000 can also double up as a very capable streaming hub for a main hi-fi system too.

Other spec highlights include Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 6125 Octa-Core processor and support for high-resolution aptX-HD and LDAC wireless streaming. With all the key formats on board, including MQA and DSD512, the SP3000 can play just about anything you ask of it, including connecting to streaming services and it is Roon Ready too.

Finishing off the stylish design, there’s a new 5.46-inch full-HD display and re-designed on-screen interface, which is easier to navigate than before. It comes with a stylish leather case and is available now in a choice of black or silver for £3799.

Completing the audiophile on-the-go luxury package, Astell&Kern has also teased its new Odyssey headphones, which have been designed with in-ear monitoring company Empire Ears.

Offering a 10-driver Quadbrid system of twin W9+ subwoofers, five balance armatures, dual electrostatic and a W10 bone conductor, not to mention a rather snazzy hand-crafted design, they will be available towards the end of the year and cost £3499.

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