Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre initial review: Redefining the sound bar

When Bang & Olufsen unveils a new product it doesn’t do things by half.

On the face of it, the Beosound Theatre is a soundbar. It is designed to accompany a TV and provide a multi-channel ystem from the one unit.

However, it is also so much more besides. We got to demo one on the eve of the IFA consumer trade show in Berlin and found out why.


Bang & Olufsen has created something different with the Beosound Theatre. It contains 12 speaker drivers, with a mighty central unit, two woofers, and others firing in different directions – including upwards for Dolby Atmos purposes.

However, the first thing you notice is the design. You can opt for a fabric covered version that looks more conventional, but where’s the fun in that?

The wooden slats on that option give the bar a distinctly 70s feel – and we heartily approve. It is retro in look, yet modern in implementation.

There are three different mounting modes – wall, table and dedicated stand – with each able to be matched with just about any TV, not just those made by B&O. Indeed, you can even swap certain design elements to match the width of a 55-, 65- or 70-inch set, to make sure it is even more suited.

The customisation doesn’t stop there neither, as Bang & Olufsen told us that the Theatre has been built to be modular and upgradeable throughout. If new connections come around in the next few years, say, that part of the rear can be swapped with an updated unit. It’s clever and, when you make such an investment, good to hear.

Audio thrills

Also good to hear is the overall performance. The Beosound Theatre is an excellent piece of kit.

We only got a brief audio demo, with some music and a couple of movie sequences to give us impressions of its prowess in different circumstances.

Bass levels were particularly good – with a room filling sound from just the one system. And, the centre channel ensures that voice is clear and precise no matter the grunt coming from other directions.

We really need more time with the speaker to give a more rounded verdict, but signs are great so far.

We’ll bring you more when we can.

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