Battlefield Mobile: Game modes and everything we know so far

Battlefield Mobile was first mentioned by DICE in April 2021 and in August 2021 the game appeared on Google Play, but thing took a twist in early 2023 when the game was cancelled.

Not much has been said about the game, but we’ve been trawling through all the available information to bring you all the details you need for the cancelled title.

Battlefield Mobile cancellation

Battlefield Mobile was cancelled in early 2023, and EA announced the news as part of its public declarations surrounding an investors’ call at the end of January 2023.

You can read the short news post detailing its cancellation on EA’s website right here, but it doesn’t contain much subtance beyond the headline.

Battlefield Mobile release date

Battlefield Mobile was thought to have been due to launch in 2023. That was later than the date outlined by DICE when the game was first announced, and subsequently confirmed when the play tests were announced.

There would be limited access to the game before launch, starting with limited game tests in Indonesia and the Philippines. There would also be the opportunity to pre-register for the game.

In May 2022 EA confirmed on an earnings call that the game was on track for late in the year but admitted that an early 2023 launch was also very possible. That’s now obviously a non-starter.

screens photo 4
EA Mobile

How much would Battlefield Mobile cost?

Battlefield Mobile was going to be a free to play game. There would be no costs involved, but would have a range of in-app purchases. EA Mobile had confirmed that these would be cosmetic items rather than pay to win.

Exactly what you’d be able to buy hadn’t been confirmed, but we expected it to be character and weapon skins in a Battle Pass system like Call of Duty Mobile.

The Google Play details also said “contains ads”, although we don’t know if this would have been true or accurate for the final release of the game.

What platforms would Battlefield Mobile have been on?

Battlefield Mobile had been confirmed for both Android and iPhone/iOS. This was a bespoke mobile game, so there’s no crossover with PC or console versions of the game.

The play tests confirmed an Android 7 or higher requirement, although this might not have been the case for the final version of the game.

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EA Mobile

Who was developing Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile was going to be an EA Mobile game, but it was being developed by Industrial Toys, the mobile development studio owned by EA. There was collaboration between the existing Battlefield Team and DICE as well as others.

Game play modes

Conquest had been confirmed. Conquest is the classic Battlefield multiplayer game based around territory domination.

The game play configuration was likely to become more widely known as we approached launch. We were expecting a number of different game modes – with mention of multiplayer and objective included in the details on the Google Play listing.

We got the impression that there would new game modes specific for mobile play, as well as familiar options found in existing versions of the game.

The Google Play listing also talked about character classes, including assault, support, medic and recon, which would govern how the game plays.

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EA Mobile


It had been confirmed that the Grand Bazaar map would be in Battlefield Mobile.

Beyond that, from the Google Play listing there were references to multiple maps, saying “maps and modes both new and familiar to veteran players” so we were expecting there to be content unique to Battlefield Mobile, as well as ported from existing versions of the game.

screens photo 5

Weapons and vehicles

There was going to be a lot of customisation, with the Google Play listing saying “the best customization to date”, so we were expecting a load of skins.

One of the screens provided some weapon details – F2000, P226, Frag, SMAW are all listed in the loadout of a character – and it looked like characters would have multiple loadouts, as per Call of Duty Mobile.

More interesting is that it looked like Battlefield Mobile would have a full range of vehicles to use – there was mention of battling across land, sea and air, while tanks were mentioned a number of times, appearing in the images, as well as ATVs.

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Destructive environment

One of the things that Battlefield was originally known for was the destruction of the environment. The Google Play listing referred to “burying your enemies under the rubble of a building”, suggesting the game play areas would be more destructible than many others.

“Destroy the field of battle with large-scale environmental destruction” suggests this was going to be a major feature of the game.